10 Tips for Buying a Mini Air ConditioningEspecially in the hot summer months, many people try to gain on all kinds cooling. The methods range from a refreshing swim in the lake over cool drinks and ice up to airy-loose clothing. In everyday work, these methods are hardly practical – often used in the office air such as humidifiers but usually do not bring the hoped-cooling. Fans are there already effective, but produce at very high temperatures only a hot air flow acting anything but refreshing. Ultimately, really can effectively provide cooling only air conditioning – in this guide we provide tips to help you select a matching mini air conditioner. But before we go into the tips, we briefly highlight the differences between normal and mini air conditioners.

What are the differences between normal and mini-air conditioners?

Normal air conditioner work much like a refrigerator: the warm room air is directed past filled with a coolant cooling fins. This removes the coolant air heat, and then it is passed to a cooling circuit, where it transfers heat to the outside of the air sucked. The heated ambient air is then conducted out of the room. A distinction is made ​​classical air conditioners between mono block devices , in which the entire cooling circuit is in a device, and split units , which are actually are just the cooling fins to cool the air in the room – the rest of the cooling circuit is outsourced, what the efficiency of the system increased.

In both versions, however, a structural transformation of space is necessary because the heat extracted from the air must be discharged outdoors. Since such changes is often time-consuming and not always desirable to classic air conditioners barely suitable for a limited period of a few months to provide a space for cooling. It makes sense here are mini air conditioners that cool the air by evaporation of water and therefore produce no exhaust air. Moreover, these devices are usually quite small and can be, if they are no longer needed, stow easily. Here are the ten most important points for the selection of a Mini-Air Conditioning:

Tip 1: Ensure proper performance

When selecting the air conditioner you should definitely make sure that it has enough power to also cool the room can, for which it is intended. Most manufacturers specify a maximum room size for which the device is still suitable. But you should not attempt to stretch the devices up to the maximum power limit, since this reduces the cooling capacity. It is better to plan a little more generous here, because that still can be, even at very high ambient temperatures for optimum cooling.

Tip 2: There should be a combi boiler

Many modern devices can not only cool the air, cleanse and moisturize it well. This produces a perfect indoor climate, which protects the airways and allows maximum performance at work. For this reason it makes sense to buy not only a pure air conditioner, for just over high heat efficiency decreases rapidly. With a good indoor climate which can be counteracted.

Tip 3: Pay attention to quality

When you buy a mini air conditioner one should pay attention to the quality, inferior products usually not nearly reach the cooling power that is promised on the package. With products of big brand manufacturers is on the safe side, because these companies have a reputation, which they want to live up to the quality of their brands and have.

Tip 4: The design of the air conditioner must fit the room

Since the air conditioner usually must be centrally located in the room to achieve a good effect, it should be possible integrate seamlessly into the design of the space – or at least not serve as a disturbing eye-catcher. Just in representative spaces, the facility should act as a whole unit; therefore you should try to choose an air conditioner that matches the layout of the room. This is not possible, you can make it disappear as a workaround the air conditioner under a table. However this reduces their efficiency.

Tip 5: The water tank should be sufficiently large

For larger areas a lot of water is required to achieve a corresponding cooling capacity. Accordingly, the large water tank of the air conditioning system must be – an operating time of four hours is the absolute minimum, otherwise the device must be refilled too often, as that a really significant effect could occur. Optimal is an operating period of seven to eight hours – so, for example, an office are cooled by a typical working time without refilling the device that is necessary.

Tip 6: The adjustment must be comfortable

A good cooling performance alone does not a good device. It also needs to be served well and have some important functions. The cooling capacity must be – continuously ideally – be regularized. A timer or interval function in the unit is on or off at certain times, is also very useful. In addition, the device should have a water level indicator. An automatic climate control, in which the climate system monitors the room temperature and cooled when necessary, while there are only very few devices, but it is extremely practical and a great asset for any air conditioning.

Tip 7: The air conditioning system must be easy to move

It may seem like a small thing, but it is important that the mini-air conditioner has roles. Since the device usually is only the second example to be used, it must be easy to leave aside create – without the rollers would have to wear it, what would end in a small to medium flood, among other things due to the water tank would be impractical and often.

Tip 8: The air conditioner should have low power consumption

Similar to normal air conditioning and mini-air conditioners require quite a lot of energy, so it is very important to ensure a good energy rating. Little efficient appliances can quickly cause considerable costs in continuous operation, so that the summer cooling in the truest sense of the word is bought with a price. Also on the water consumption of the air conditioner should you know even if it does not fall quite as much weight due to the generally relatively low level of consumption for all devices.

Tip 9: The air conditioner should have a heating function

Some devices can not only cool, but they also warm air. So the air conditioner in winter as heating are used, which continues to through cleaning and humidifying the air for a pleasant room climate. Just the humidification of the air in winter is particularly important because it can be very dry by heating, which weakens the performance at work and also dries out the mucous membranes.

Tip 10: The air conditioner should be as compact as possible

Since mini air conditioners are not normally used all year, they should be as compact and light, so it can be stowed easily. In addition, it should be easy to clean, because the device is not used for a long time, the remaining, and still contained water evaporates and leaves behind lime scale that attack the air conditioning or can even damage.


Mini air conditioner is a sensible alternative to normal air conditioning. They even larger rooms can be cooled effectively, without causing structural changes to the room must be made, as would be the case with great air conditioning. In addition, mini-air conditioners regulate the indoor climate and thus provide for more efficiency at work. If the devices are not required, they can be stowed quickly and compactly.