5 tips to choose pajamas for babies to sit comfortablyBabies want their cozy and warm at night, because of the small body can not self-regulate the temperature. For this reason, you should use the baby pajamas choose very carefully so that it fits perfectly and the baby optimal protection against the cold. The following shall be declared on which points you should keep in mind when looking for a pair of pajamas for babies on the internet: With these tips you will find guaranteed a sleep suit that fits not only good but also looks good for the baby in it all around comfortable.

Wide selection for every taste

The very look of the trendy offer for baby pajamas makes it clear as can be varied designed the small garment. The distinction baby pajamas for boys and after pajamas for girls are easy to make. When asked about the size, it is then more complicated, because the little ones are growing rapidly, and the appropriate model would have to grow so that it always fits comfortably. Looking for the perfect baby pajamas you meet one-and two-piece models, both options have advantages and disadvantages that should be weighed against each other.

The choice of the appropriate material

If you have taken these initial decisions, the choice of the suitable material is present. In the summer it may be a lighter quality, and in winter provides a solid for a pleasant climate in the crib and prevents cooling of the delicate baby skin. The material plays an important role, as friction or allergies must be on the young and vulnerable skin avoided. Whether you choose for cotton, terry or velor is a matter of personal taste, but a special glance is the composition, because the higher proportion of mixed fibers, the greater risk of skin irritation. For such problems from the beginning to pay not only, you should consider when choosing the perfect matching baby pajamas not only a look at the fit throwing, but first check the material.

It may not always be a brand model

Who is a model in a sweet color, which can optionally be supplemented with an interesting pattern or motif, made in search of comfy pajamas for the little things right. So it is the good feeling of doing something good for the baby, while the little one will simply make a delightful character in his cute pajamas.

Contrast, less likely to be a relevant brand model when it comes to choosing the perfect baby pajamas. High-quality and models must not come from a renowned designer, because brand clothing is often already settled for the little ones in high price segment. Who still on designer clothes for the little ones do not want to do without, found in many established designers sweet brand baby pajamas for girls and boys.

1. Finding the right size

A first glance is the right size for little ones. Since babies grow very quickly, they will no longer fit in doubt after a few weeks in the new pajamas. It is best; therefore, if you have a number of purchases pajamas equal greater, because one has to a longer enjoyment of the new garment, and the other, the baby has a higher freedom of movement. Who in the beginning is still uncertain, with what size you should start best at the very young, going on with the help of age. Many packages include a rough guide, for which age group in months, the size is suitable. Alternatively, one should measure the baby, because using the body size and weight will be just as quick to find the appropriate size.

2. One-or two-piece?

While for bigger kids two piece pajamas can be found in the repertoire usually consisting of an upper and a lower part, baby pajamas are frequently used as one piece. Two-piece designs can slip easily namely, creating the risk that the Small cools down at night. A one piece, however, always sits. You should also note the closure mechanism: Knobs are most frequently raised. Zippers can be found, however, rather rare in baby pajamas. In any case, care for all models that buttons and zippers are nickel free. Nickel and other metals namely when in contact with the delicate baby skin will leading to irritation, which should be avoided from the outset.

3. According to the season

The right fabric for pajamas initially depends on the season. A warm pajama for girls may be made ​​of terry cloth or a velvety fabric, a cotton fabric is suitable in the winter to keep the little body warm. However, especially cuddly and comfortable, but also Terry is as soft and gentle to baby’s skin. Cotton is again extremely easy to clean and resistant to deformation, even a hot wash it tolerates without shrinking. In summer you might therefore choose for pure cotton in a lighter quality, alternatively mixed fibers can be cool and comfortable when the temperatures soar. The choice of the appropriate material ultimately depends on what the little bears, because skin irritation is to be avoided in the young baby skin absolutely.

4. Materials for healthy skin

The material is for the baby pajamas, not only because of the season of great importance. Since the skin of the babies is still very sensitive and is hardly sufficiently protected from harmful influences, you have to select the material very carefully. Pure cotton is considered to be particularly compatible, so are pajamas with high cotton content are always a good choice. Irritations and allergies are avoided from the start. The material may also be washed at high temperatures, making it particularly clean. A cotton pajama will keep doing its fit long and reliable, so that subsequent generations, baby much pleasure from it have.

Fabrics made ​​of mixed fibers can be advantageous in the summer as they cool pleasant at high temperatures. It remains then to consider always how it is with the compatibility, because depending on the composition are substances containing mixed fibers, not as well tolerated by children. An alternative is again biologically produced substances. They come from biologically controlled cultivation, in which the use of pesticides and pesticide is largely avoided. These products are therefore particularly well tolerated. A pioneer in this field cotton absorbs biologically produced one. Pajamas made ​​from organic cotton are therefore also for the little ones, the first choice because they are regarded as particularly pleasant on the skin without causing unnecessary irritation.

5. Solid colors or with sweet motives?

Finally, of course you should still consider what should have color and what pattern the new baby pajamas. Colorful Baby Pajamas make the early morning appetite for the day. If you like it a bit more reserved, perhaps selects a classic pajamas in blue for little boys or a pink model for little girls. Those who do not yet want to commit in terms of color or who want to keep it a little more neutral, opts for a white model. Alternatively, there are baby pajamas in a variety of soft colors and cute patterns and fun patterns are available in a wide selection.


When choosing a baby sleep suit, it is something to consider: size, style, material and color play a big role. Thanks to the wide selection at Amazon.com you will surely find a pair of pajamas for your child, who not only fits well and perfectly warmed up, but also still looks cute.