Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor (Blue) is a good tiny heart screen with out the bells and whistles. This monitor comes with a lot to give and is nice performance and simple to use and serves it’s purpose. This is a uncomplicated heart rate display that provide a nice performance and the capacity to change your max heart rate. The watch/wrist display is, much more effective on this one.

It syncs with rehab machines, allows monitoring when doing outside activities and simple to put together & not difficult to use. The chest straps is simple to fit on and give you the hr in a not difficult to read big monitor. It is simple starter piece of gear to monitor hr progress, with no all the excess.

Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor (Blue)

Cheap Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor (Blue)
Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor (Blue) is simple to use and not difficult to read. Not messy to read and easy to handle and put together. Large read out is not difficult to see inner the water. Wrist control was simple enough to figure out, just wish it had more buttons.

How this heart rate monitor impress user?

Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor (Blue) is superb display and it is precise. If you’re looking to up your workouts in effectivness, this is a nice quality product from Polar to get started with and the mnitor woks nice and is not difficult to use. Polar ft1 heart rate screen is a well basic screen uncomplicated and simple to use, it works good and not difficult to put together and not difficult to use. This monitor fits effective and is relatively simple to use and easy set-up and not difficult to use. This watch is simple to set-up training range and watch records time in your exercise range and a great watch to start working out based on your heart rate.

This heart rate monitor is not messy to use and install and precise and a definite benefit for workout. This model is uncomplicated and works like all polars: awesome and as precise as all the monitors inner the hospital and cardiac center. Zone alarms and you’re well to go. A tiny dampening of the chest piece for well contact and this product works. Use and read and one is inexpensive and not messy to use.

Where to buy lowest price Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor (Blue)?


Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor (Blue) is best performance product from Polar for all who training. This monitor is nice for first-timers or casual hr use. Definitely recommend to those who wish to operate it in swimming.pool for hr monitoring, only and good for a 5k run or longer and unnecessary for a short wind sprint. If you’re needing a well-performing heart rate display, this is it and great for all levels of atheltes. If you’re finding a heart rate display to do the basics, this is good and good for keeping track of where you’re in a exercise.