Cheap NO TITLEBlack Box G1W-H Hidden Dashboard Dash Cam is ideal for making sure your ass is covered when some idiot inevitably cuts you off or rearends you. This dash cam was reading it effective just a minute ago and great cam took a while to study it. This camera is simple install & retrieval of data and the ratings were spot on with image performance. This product was ok it has more effective cameras out yhere and good field of view and damn near crystal clear. This item is not messy to use menu system.


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Easy to Use and Setup: Auto-Start and On-Spot Play Back with a 2.7” HD Wide Screen LCD on Full 1080P HD Recording at a Smooth 30 FPS and 720P at 60 FPS with LED Night Vision and Automatic Motion Detection; Authentic Black Box G1WH: Using Exclusive Novatek NT96650 Chipset + Aptina AR0330 Lens – Provides Low Power Consumption, High Definition Video Compression and Smooth Image Processing; The Black Box G1W-H – “H” is for Hidden as this Dash Cams Sleek All Black Color and Design Keeps it Discreet while Offering the Same Superior Quality as all Black Box G1W Dash Cam Models; G-Sensor Enabled Recording Occurs as Soon as Any Sudden Braking, Impact, Rapid Acceleration or Sharp Cornering Occurs – Innovative Swivel Ball Suction Mount Allows You to Attach Device to Any Flat Surface.External power is always necessary for operating.; Featuring New Increased Ultra Wide WDR 160 Degree Angle 4x Zoom Lens and 5.0 Megapixel Camera;

Black Box G1W-H Hidden Dashboard Dash Cam is not difficult to put together and good performance.

Performance of this Black Box dash cam


Black Box G1W-H Hidden Dashboard Dash Cam was convenient to install and get to recording. The mount for this is appears durable and long-standing. Video performance is impressive for such an affordable camera and not messy to use and it uses minisd cards which hardly cost anything. This dash cam is great vide and the mount work with good performance. Unless you require a professional performance video camera, this is a great purchase and product give a good quality when it was well-designed. This camera is convenient to use menu and settings, when finished you charge battery for a bit and has nice resistance to heat and coldness.

This product was not difficult to go via the menu’s and choose the desired selections and settings and really the highest quality bang for the buck for anybody looking to get a first or casual-use dashcam. If you hook it up to a battery pack it causes it to be lightweight and great and this not so big beauty met eexpectation. There’s a lot of power cable, it can be run from sight without difficulty and good when it was working. The 12v charger/power cable is bulky and efficient and nothing to write home about.

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This was a nice value for the money. If you wish to continuously record your trips with amazingly great video then choose this camera. Would recommend to anybody searching for a dashcam and perfect to have these anymore for proof. This dash cam is great for safety issues, when you have crazy drivers on the road it captures all of it. The audio is nice for what it is.

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