With your own blood pressure monitor can be set independently of visits to the doctor or medical practitioner at home regularly monitor the blood pressure values. Nevertheless own blood pressure monitor of course does not replace the existing professional routine medical check. However, it can give early warning on changes requiring clarification.

Omron HEM-711 DLX Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Who benefits most from a blood pressure monitor?

Anyone with chronic hypertension or corresponding trend and fluctuations in blood pressure should have a blood pressure monitor. Unlike a low blood pressure high blood pressure often remains unnoticed for some time and then only discovered as an incidental finding in a study from other occasion.

In addition to measures such as treatment of the underlying disease and changing lifestyle, it is important to continue to regularly check the personal blood pressure values. A dedicated blood pressure monitor provides continuous controls up to several times a day. Since the risk of dangerous high blood pressure increases with age, seniors should have their personal blood pressure monitor. During pregnancy, it can lead to high blood pressure, so that women are also well advised at this stage with its own meter.

In addition to these groups, the purchase of a blood pressure monitor also worthwhile for those who like to play sports. You get with such a device essential feedback to their training. People with low blood pressure almost always feel this though by itself, but can accurately determine their current blood pressure status by measuring and decide if and what measures should be taken.

What also speaks at home for a supplementary blood pressure measurement: In the study situation patients are often under stress, which may increase the value addition. The continuous measurement in everyday life at home provides additional insightful findings.

Blood Pressure Monitors at a Glance

The price range for blood pressure monitors from approximately 25 to 65 Euros, which already inexpensive devices offer compelling benefits. Thus, a small handy wrist instrument also accompanies its owner away from home. This rugged unit fits in even in a handbag. It measures reliably accurate and even warns of cardiac arrhythmia and irregular pulse.

In addition to equipment for the wrist measurement models for the measurement on the upper arm are available with velcro cuff. While a user for clinical blood pressure monitors usually only needs to develop a certain routine, your instruments for private use can almost always operate from the beginning without any problems and without the help of a second person. Seniors should look for models with larger keys, extra large display and an automatic shut off.

Blood pressure monitors are powered by batteries or via AC adapter from the electrical outlet. Some models have presets for the determined values, requiring separate storage for two people and even the calculation of the average blood pressure value are possible.

The appearance of blood pressure monitors showing little variety. Almost all models have the typical functional, acting sterile hospital equipment look. White plastic, like combined with Matt silver-colored surface, has an LCD screen for the measured values. Laterally or less are well arranged, the operation buttons. The arm cuff and storage bags are often made of light- to medium-gray fabric.

Important to know the measurement comparison

It is advisable to bring a personal blood pressure monitor at the next doctor’s or therapist’s office and at comparing the systolic and diastolic blood pressure values ​​and the pulse values ​​directly. Blood pressure monitors for home use are subject, no calibration duty. So occasionally show differences that need to be taken into account when comparing between private practice and measurements.

Key accessories and equipment

On acquisition of a sphygmomanometer there despite its relatively small tasks such as measuring blood pressure with pulse control and a possible indication of arrhythmia differences in the delivery of equipment as well as additional accessories available.

  • A storage bag or a case is essential for protective storage outside the household, and for driving the device on the go.
  • Equally important is a manual that explains the device and the measurement process precisely.
  • A blood pressure pass helps when creating a documented long-term monitoring of the blood pressure values.
  • Ideally, a battery-initial is already included. This can start the measurement immediately after purchase. In addition, immediately identify which type of battery is required.
  • With a separate power supply, the device can be connected to the power outlet.
  • Some blood pressure monitors with upper arm cuff keep next to the standard size or a cuff in XL size for a stronger arm circumference ready. If necessary, the XL version can be otherwise acquired later.

Most of sphygmomanometers test and experience reports are from the years 2013 and 2014. Older reviews are screened regularly.