Chamberlain 956EV Garage Keychain Remote is superb distance, works from inside the house to the detached garage. This remote is superb range and simple to program and the button is to not difficult to get pushed in your pocket or tossing it around. The remote was really simple to sync with the opener and its small size is ideal and not difficult to pair with garage door opener. This product is simple install and nice operating distance.

This Chamberlain 956EV was not difficult to program when you hit the study button on the garage door opener and a convenient size to bring in your pocket, on a key chain, or in a purse. This item was not messy to program, did two of them in about 3 minutes and not messy to install with craftsman with the purple study button.

Chamberlain 956EV Garage Keychain Remote

Cheap Chamberlain 956EV Garage Keychain Remote

Ease of use

Chamberlain 956EV Garage Keychain Remote is not difficult to program and works ideal. Arrived fast and not messy to program & provide a best quality. Remote was not difficult to program, work with nice performance from the outset and the size is the most effective thing. Not messy to install. Which is uncomplicated, for up to 3 openers.

Why this remote is popular?

This tiny guy work with good quality and was simple to program. Needed a small opener to take on walks and this one is the great size. Thought this was a good ideal and product work with great performance and it was very not messy to program. Rugged and well-performing out to about three houses from home and was simple to install and has good range. As for function it give a great quality and was simple to sync and not difficult to program and just the correct size. It’s good to have an l.e.d indicator and it weights tiny.

You just must guarantee this supports your particular garage opener. Its well because its compatible with all generations of chamberlain remotes and programming is a breeze. Together with prime membership it was a nice deal and a portable an useful garage door opener. The programming is simple and the range is adequate and nice distance when opening the garage. This remote is extremely small and programming it was simple.

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Chamberlain 956EV Garage Keychain Remote is ideal for portability on a key chain. This one is a good replacement for it’s identical predecessor and it an great product for turning on lights when still in your vehicle. This remote is simple operation with no having to look for the buttons and awesome and small ideal for the cycle keys.