Chamberlain CWPIR Wireless Motion Alert Add-on Sensor is simple to connect to the base device, not difficult to mount and has worked appropriately far. This sensor was simple to connect to the base device and not difficult to install and give a good performance. The kit allows up to 8 transmitters and assigns 1 to 8 beeps for each you’ll be able to identify which item is responding and appears to be that movement is detected most effective when the object that is moving is somewhat farther away from the sensor. This motion alert just makes the placement of the sensors definitely, critical.

This Chamberlain CWPIR is nice to cover all your property with these 2 plus driveway alert and simple to set up with long life of the battery using rechargeables. This product is nice range back to base station, over 500 feet and well guess who else can see it. This is an simple to use add-on sensor.

Chamberlain CWPIR Wireless Motion Alert Add-on Sensor

Cheap Chamberlain CWPIR Wireless Motion Alert Add-on Sensor
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Chamberlain CWPIR Wireless Motion Alert Add-on Sensor is not messy to aim and to hear the alert when it sounds. Checked all the simple fixes like antenna loose etc and cheap and not difficult to put together. Not difficult to put together with the base device and give a good quality.

What’s about performance of this motion alert?

Chamberlain CWPIR Wireless Motion Alert Add-on Sensor has great life of the battery and fantastic range. Product provide a nice performance from several hundred feet distance. Aim sensor at exhaust, when finished car passes for highest quality outputs. Satisfied and the addition of up to eight sensors certainly an included benefit. One good thing is being able to adjust the volume and to set it for sensitivity/distance. Sensor is 100 ft from house and give a good result as driveway alert.

This sensor is good result product from Chamberlain and the batteries last a long time. These sensors are well protected from the weather. Have adjusted and re-adjusted positions, angles, the provided weather/sun covers with marginal improvements on any of them and not messy to set up and works precisely as represented. In extreme cold it is possible for a speedy moving vehicle to get by it with detection.

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Chamberlain CWPIR Wireless Motion Alert Add-on Sensor is good for knowing action around house. This sensor comes with proven to be the greatest bang for the buck and well sensor for hearing wildlife or people approaching your house or campsite. This motion alert comes with a great range both for detection and cordless connection to the base. Sensors at other gates.the product is an good value for this performance and nice for a easy alert when you’re away from view of the driveway and someone pulls in. This Chamberlain CWPIR is well for hiding from approaching mother-in-laws, too.