Philips SVC1116G/27 Screen Clean for LCD/ LED/ Plasma Screens

This stuff and the cloth it included provide a best performance for cleaning lcd monitors, tvs and more. This cleaner is useful to hold the monitor clear and awesome spray and the micro fiber cloth is great and soft recomand it. This stuff gave a nice clean finish and has worked on all of it with remarkable outputs. This ends up leaving behind oils that are beautiful noticeable in any quantity of light and philips monitor cleaner provide a nice quality when used appropriately. The bottle looks well, the micro fiber cloth is of well performance.

This unit has an anti static something in it that causes it to be even more effective and highest quality display cleaner inside the market. This screen cleaner work with nice performance with all type of screens and nice cleaner to hold around the computer for easy cleanings. This Philips SVC1116G-27 is great choise to this kind of product and a significant product in house.

Philips SVC1116G/27 Screen Clean for LCD/ LED/ Plasma Screens

Cheap Philips SVC1116G/27 Screen Clean for LCD/ LED/ Plasma Screens

Ease of use

This was streak free and not messy to wipe off. Packaging was a cardboard box that made it not messy to open and recycle. This item is practice, clean all the surfaces conveniently: computers, television, screens of digital cameras, is a best quality product from Philips and not difficult to use and the micro-fiber cloth is well.

Why this screen cleaner is popular?

Philips SVC1116G/27 Screen Clean for LCD/ LED/ Plasma Screens

Philips SVC1116G/27 Screen Clean consist of a suitable cloth and there is plenty inside the bottle to last ages. There’s enough spray in this bottle to do your tv’s a well 50 times and the nice solution to wipe away finger prints and any other sticky messes. The cloth that consist of it is stable and gets the job done fast and work with good quality and having a cloth included is nice. The spray goes on beautiful evenly and wipes off with no much effort and has removed the marks off the tv and the display looks beautiful clean. This give a good quality when cleaning monitors and tv’s and essential to have the screen or tv turned off and cooled down.

The dirty-removing power of this item is good and the fabric is soft. Cloth that consist of it is awesome and big too. Wipes away clean and generally extremely good performance product from Philips. No streaks and awesome and the display and trim are shiny and clear now. With 2 small child this monitor cleaner provide a great result. Like a performance shammy and awesome looking bottle and thats about it. This cleaner is not messy to use and gets the job done fast.

Where to buy best price Philips SVC1116G/27 Screen Clean for LCD/ LED/ Plasma Screens?


Philips SVC1116G/27 Screen Clean is good cleaner for laptop, glasses, iphone. This cleaner is nice for cleaning tv screens and computers and the greatest product for the money. This is a nice result product from Philips and good for all the screens in your life.