The coravin consist of the product itself, the stand, two argon capsules and a zippered wine sleeve and the gas goes speedy you must change the small bottle of gas usually. Finish a bottle; it’s easy just commit.


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Includes Coravin 1000 System, Two (2) pressurized capsules, wine bottle sleeve, and storage base; Enjoy wines by the glass without committing to the entire bottle; New wine access technology allows you to enjoy wine without pulling the cork; Be more creative with your food and wine pairings; Enjoy finer wines any time you like; Compare and contrast different wines; The options are endless; Elegantly packaged in a gift box that can be used for storing or transporting;

Looks like sort of overkill, two glasses of wine and the bottle is half done simple enough to record. Coravin Model Eight Wine System, Black is nice for vintage port or other sweet wines, for a glass of white before opening the red.

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