Cheap NO TITLEDuro-Med Step Stool with Handle, Silver and Black was a life saver and the strength to weight ration is great. This step stool is nice to must reach upper shelf items and foot stool is solid & good design. This stool causes it to be simple to store and good help with medical issues. The handle is a nice function that offers additional steadiness.


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Safely step up to higher beds or vehicles; Handrail height: 34 inches; weight capacity: 250 lbs.; Non-slip textured matting and reinforced rubber tips add stability; contains latex; Easily reach objects out of grasp; convenient handrail steadies you; Stool platform dimensions: 10 x 14 x 9.5 inches;

This stool is not messy to use. The handrail causes it to be safe to step up on, and simple to bring around anywhere you’re working.

Why most customer love this Duro-Med step stool?


Duro-Med Step Stool with Handle, Silver and Black offers you steadiness and is good design. Even so, it is really a strong stool and the performance is outstanding, strong and good design and just the correct size. The handle is padded well and convenient to grip and gives good support. Was happy with the performance of this unit and stows comfortably and is light and manageable. The one provided is kind of thin and slips comfortably off the bolts. Helps make the transition from sitting to standing both safer and less complicated.

This step stool gives a reliable platform and a hand rail for them to maneuver and nice Stool and not messy to assemble. This step stool is good and stable and simple to assemble and not difficult to assemble and it’s useful when you have to reach up high. It’s got nice constancy, tread on the platform, and a secure grip and the tall handle provides you security and helps you get up & down with comfort.

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Duro-Med Step Stool with Handle, Silver and Black stays standing on its own which is nice for preventing bending over to pick it up. The handle allows for an elderly person to maneuver it for this purpose and good performance product from Duro-Med for little space. This step stool is nice stool for getting up onto the high beds lol and a great equipment for one who is rehabilitating a total knee replacement. This stool is good for retaining balance while stepping up.

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