Cheap NO TITLEDyson Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum permits you to just take the canister out and place it over the trash to release the dirt. This vacuum give a great performance many sturdy suction and not difficult to transition from carpet to hardwood floors. The advantages,positives are transportable, simple to swivel, not difficult to empty and the ball make it not messy to maneuver. This dyson is good vacuum simple to use, not difficult to clean and vaccuum is high power that even long- time dyson fans are amazed.


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Self-adjusting cleaner head. Automatically adjust to seal in suction across carpets and hard floors.; Strongest suction of any vacuum. The Dyson Ball upright vacuum cleaner has the strongest suction of any vacuum.; Rides on a ball. Steers easily into difficult places; Whole Machine HEPA filtration. No other vacuum expels cleaner air. Certified asthma & allergy friendly.; Radial Root Cyclone technology. Dyson’s most advanced Radial Root Cyclone technology – captures more dirt and microscopic dust.;

Easy to use

Cheap NO TITLEDyson Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum is not messy to assemble; pieces just snap together. The suction is good and simple to use and has a reason all other vacs say, &#like A dyson.&# high power,and not difficult to maneuver. The dust bin is simple to empty and usually not difficult to move from carpet to floors, etc.

What’s about performance of this Dyson vacuum?


Dyson Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum held up well and it was just time for a new one. The filter is not messy to remove and change when finished cleaning. Its light enough to haul up the stairs and it has a great long cord which makes vacuuming a breeze and thing does have great suction when it is clean, and it is not loud. It’s simple to hold around and not difficult to use. Looks like to have more bumper protection for furniture protection and the long and flexible crevice tool and brush is useful. Ball’s power cord feels to be the same length as the dc07, which is nice and convenient to assemble and handle.

This vacuum was not difficult to assemble, and looks like to be well built. Install was simple, suction is nice and simple,cleanup and great performance product from Dyson and nice service. This dyson is convenient to use and flows effortlessly between hard floors and carpet. This product is possible to see accurately when the dirt holder must be emptied speedy and simple and really performing more effective and is far lighter and simpler to operate. Far it has worked with best quality on all those surfaces and great vacuum when you figure it out.

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Dyson Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum is nice for picking up hair from 3 furbabies-dog and 2 cats, advantage long human hair 5.

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