Electric knife buying guideAn electric knife makes it easier to kitchen

An electric knife as a slicer is a very handy kitchen aid and should be in every well-equipped kitchen. It supports you in the daily tasks, often power-intensive cutting work. It allows you to cut both bread and cake into equal slices or pieces, carving a crispy roast meat or fish with it. Some models are even suitable for the cutting of the freezing. Well-known manufacturers of knives offer electric knife with different performance. The devices are available as well as a powerful working tool for restaurants, butchers, confectioners, bakeries and snack bars for the household.

What to look for when buying an electric knife

You should purchase an electric knife attention to the power specified in watts. Devices with a higher wattage have better cutting performance in most cases. The device should have a handy, ergonomic design. A rubberized housing provides a secure grip during cutting. Furthermore, it is important that the electric knife your choice of proven quality and has a GS or TUV certification. A safety switch should be an important aspect in your buying decision. This ensures that the device cannot be started by your children or even be ready during the insertion and removal of the blade. A sufficiently long cable with a length of at least 1.50 meters allows you a flexible work and gives you freedom of movement.
, if you want to use them for various cutting tasks your new electric knife regularly, you should opt for a model with a practical wall bracket for mounting on your kitchen wall decide. To have your slicer Electric knife always ready to hand and do not have to bring out from a drawer or a cupboard and unpack it. Maintain a detailed instruction manual that explains all the available ways to use this handy knife exactly. Some manufacturers of electric knives offer the service of a guarantee. Depending on the make and model you get to your electric meter two different knife blades. A blade is used for cutting bread, cake, pie or meat, the other for cutting frozen foods. Make sure that the blades are made ​​of stainless steel and in the dishwasher can be cleaned. It is advantageous if the blades are self-sharpening.

Operation and use of electric knives

An electric knife cuts with two counter-rotating blades, which are also called serrated knife, both hard and soft foods. The blades are driven by a motor. Many devices come with different, interchangeable blades. Also special blades, for example for cutting frozen foods, are available as an accessory or part of the instrumentation. Commercially available electric knife come with which different in their performance. The household appliances have a performance that is between 100 and 250 watts.
Most electric meters are connected via a network cable to the socket, but also devices with battery power are available, which must be charged via a charging station. Depending on the brand you can attach the electrical meter on a wall bracket. Battery-powered devices you give for charging in the cradle. Most models are equipped with a safety switch. This is located on the handle and must be operated in order to contact the blades in motion. This automatically ruled out that the fingers are in operation of the blade near the blade. Electric knives are versatile. Wherever precise and fast work is required, an electric knife is indispensable. Working with an electric knife requires less force, because this is more efficient than a manual knife in the rule. You can cut with an electric kitchen knife wide variety of foods.

The various models of electric knives

You can get electric knife from a variety of vendors and with different benefits. The devices are made of mostly white plastic that is combined with another subtle color such as gray, light blue or beige. The housing of the device you can easily clean it with a damp cloth. Depending on the type and model you get one or two knives with different touches to the device. The blades of most electric knives are made of high quality stainless steel. This can give you a thorough cleaning in the dishwasher.

What foods you can cut your electric meter

You can use your electric knife for almost everything you want to cut in your kitchen. This includes, for example bread, which you can use to cut your electric knife in exact slices. Your pie slices or jelly-roll will look in the future than would a pastry chef cut it. Use the new kitchen gadget for slicing vegetables such as cabbages. Also, a pineapple you can skillfully cut into slices. The carving of your crispy pork or roast beef very tender you go easy on the hand. A roast beef cut with the machine into thin even slices. Should this be in a position your electric meter according to the manufacturer, so you can easily cut even frozen foods such as bread or meat. In gastronomy, the electric knife is used for cutting meat on skewers.

Next you should observe to ensure your safety

You shall ensure that the electric knife does not get into the hands of children. It is in this technical kitchen appliance is a powerful blade, which in the case of improper use can lead to serious injuries. Use the equipment to cut of suitable food. Do not immerse the unit in water or other liquids. After completion of your cutting work, remove the blade gently to clean them, and unplug the power cord from the outlet. Clean the housing of the electric knife with a damp cloth and then wipe dry. Store the cleaned blades on in the specially designated cases.

If the electric knife damaged or defective electrical cable then replace the unit quickly with a fresh fully functional device.