For many a household without Slicers & Electric Knives is hardly conceivable today. This hard crust of bread and wafer thin ham slices can be cut easily. Perfect slices of salami and cheese well-cut look on a plate from damage done better if the slices are evenly thin or thick. With a knife, this task is more difficult, also takes cutting by hand more time.Food slicer buying guide

Mechanical or electric food slicer

The choices are numerous slicer, although the majority of the offered equipment is electrically powered, there are also mechanical slicer. The mechanical slicer is driven by a hand crank. The result is hardly different from the electrical appliances. Even the vaginal meat and fish into thin slices is, with mechanical devices without any problems. Nearly 60 percent of households have a food slicer, because especially for large households with many family members is a slicer indispensable. At each meal can be freshly cut meat or cheese, dried sausage slices are a thing of the past.

Care should be taken when purchasing

Slicer with plastic casing is offered. The high-quality model is made ​​of metal. Prevent the machine from slipping during use, many models have rubber feet. Almost all devices have a locking start up; they have a thumb guard and food holder. For households with children units with a torque circuit are convenient because the risk of injury is minimized. A permanent connection is only needed for meat processing companies. On some machines, the diameter is only partially covered, for all other devices. For families with children a device with a full blade cover is recommended.
Equally important is an accidental activation. Many manufacturers recommend, turn on your device with your thumb. If the button is operated with a finger, the thumb is on some devices very close to the blade. In such cases, the risk of injury is especially high. Therefore, it is advisable to pay attention to the position of the switch time of purchase. For all devices, the width of the clippings is adjusted continuously. Very thin and thick slices of up to 19 or 23 millimeters are readily possible. Some manufacturers offer as an option to an extra large carriage for large products.

Special blade for food slicer

With a utility knife, almost anything can be cut. Cutting the cheese a higher speed is required, therefore, for example, a soft cheese are hardly cut with a hand crank device. The soft cheese would stick to the knife. Some manufacturers offer special knives, which are particularly suitable for sausage. It is important that the utility knife was made of hard steel. Such a serrated utility knife tackled hard crusty bread as well as soft cheese.

Care should be taken when buying an electric knife

The power of an electric meter with a higher wattage is better. Therefore, an electric knife should have at least 100 watts of power. Are particularly suitable electric knife for cutting bread and cakes? A roast can also be crushed easily. Some electric knife can also cut Frozen, here we recommend a closer look at the wattage. The greater the power, the better the knife is also hard to be cut. Often the electric knife comes with two blades. The second blade tines is more suitable for large frozen. Make sure before buying so that such a blade beiligt. Almost all the manufacturers claim that the blades are self-sharpening. So the knife during cutting cannot slip out of your hands, rubberized handles are recommended. Luxury models come with a matching wooden stand.

Spare parts for your slicer or your electric meter

Even the strongest slicer does not last forever and also self-sharpening blade will eventually dull. Especially with devices that are faithful may decades household goods, it is advisable to look for spare parts. For most manufacturers only offer spare parts and accessories for those devices they sell currently also. A short Browse unearths the correct spare part for your product with great certainty. So you continue to enjoy your kitchen helper. A search in the category collectables, in some cases the discovery of replacement lead.

There are also special selection criteria for each product. The selection criteria include, among others condition or brand, as can the price range to be entered by the customer.