Garmin Carrying Case is excellent for keeping stuff together and making sure it stays dry. Love the style.the case is made well.great size to put all of you garmin electronics. The case has lots of room and appears to be solidly constructed. This case barely fits all the equipment that come with your edge or forerunner. The case is made with excellent performance and is flexible. This model is a good holding case that even the charger fits correctly. This tiny case is good design and can hold the forerunner, power cord and heart rate display band. The mesh pockets inside the case hold the foot pod and ant connector, so all of it is secure in one lightweight case.

Garmin Carrying Case for Edge or Forerunner (010-10718-01)

Cheap Garmin Carrying Case for Edge or Forerunner (010-10718-01)

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Garmin Carrying Case may work with good performance as a place to preserve several phone chargers and usb cables, along with the edge gps and other items. Would have liked side walls of the case to be more strong. Even though the performance of this thing is excellent, this product is pretty large to work with for 1 garmin 800 edge. The garmin navigator case gives basic protection and a place to bring all your equipment together. The highest quality protection would be a small pelican case. This would help fulfill the purpose of having all the gps watch items perfectly organized at all times. Even though recommended for forerunner 310xt there is nothing special about it. This holding case is easily a big zippered case with no internal dividers.

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