Nightwear for men & women: nightdresses and pajamas with a lot of comfort

Get sweet dreams with proper sleepwear Sleepwear should convince primarily with a property: comfort. For sleeping, most people want the most convenient clothing that wears well, and also does not restrict the freedom of movement. Modern sleepwear is also characterized by a fashionable design in contemporary colors and new sectional shapes. This is particularly nightwear in the trend, which is with its designs homewear. Among the most popular sleepwear trends for women include feminine babydoll in seductive lingerie style. Trend-conscious men the classic pajama remain true to this season and depending on the season lengths vary. Discover the most popular on eBay Sleepwear Classic for men and women. The sleepwear offered combines fashionable design with skin-friendly materials and comfortable sectional shapes.

Feminine Sleepwear for Women: Babydolls and Slips

In range of many fashion and lingerie brands you can now find a wide range of fashionable nightwear for women. The sleepwear classics for ladies are in nightgowns lingerie style. In addition to the traditional nightgown babydolls and Slips include the most popular sleepwear variations for ladies.


Babydolls are nightgowns in flared A-line cut shape. Most baby dolls are equipped with cups, attaches a far cut skirt in a short length to the right under the breast. Traditional Baby Dolls were occupied with puff sleeves, and were worn with pump panties. Today we use the term Baby Doll both sleepwear as well as dresses in flared style. The stylistic features of Baby Dolls are a feminine, romantic design with pastel colors such as beige and rose and ruffles and lace. With its lightweight quality materials such as chiffon, a babydoll sleepwear wears very comfortable and enjoyable.


As Babydoll nighties are referred lingerie style. The term comes from the French and means something like the “sloppy dress”. The negligee was in the 17th and 18th Century by the ladies at court in the boudoir, her dressing room, worn. Nightie stands out in contrast to classic nightgowns by a seductive design. Most negligees are made ​​of semi-transparent materials and are lavishly decorated with ruffles or lace. With their modern style of lingerie babydoll remember this and be just like these worn as erotic surprise.

Unisex Sleepwear & Nightwear for Men: from the nightgown pajamas

Besides feminine nightwear for women and unisex sleepwear is available that is equally worn by women and men. These include pajamas and sleepwear that are available in many collections known fashion and underwear brands. A little surprise is the nightgown as classic nightwear for women – and rediscovered Nightwear for Men:


Nightgowns are characterized by knee-length-sectional shape with sleeves. Long shirts are a classic nightwear for women and men. In recent years, the men nightgown under the general retro trends celebrated a small comeback. Here men’s nightgowns are usually sold under the name Night shirt. In contrast to the ladies nightdress night shirts for Men remember their design more like pajama tops. Before the 16thCentury prevailed in the form of classic sleepwear nightgowns, you slept the way naked. By the end of the 18th Century also wore men as nightwear usually a shirt, pajamas until penetrated as men’s models. Nightgowns are available in all colors and in different cut shapes with prominent cleavage for women and as a retro-night shirt for men.


Pajamas consist of a long-sleeved shirt with button placket and long pants. The pajama comes from India, where the term “Pajama” is as the name for a leg clothes at home. During the colonial period in the 17th Century, the two-part also became known in Europe. End of the 18th Century replaced the pajamas then the nightgown sleepwear for men. Pajamas are actually a leisure wear and be partially supported to this day as homewear. In addition to traditional pajamas with long shirt and long pants, there are now fashionable versions for men and women in short-sectional shape. Many men wear their pajama pants today in combination with a T-shirt as sleepwear.


Pajamas consist of a top and a pair of trousers. Among the most famous part of the pajamas, today we use the term pajamas for two-piece nightwear with the exception of classic pajamas. Besides long-sleeved pajamas, models are wearing shorts or sleeveless shell in trend. In our range of fashion and underwear brands you find pajamas for every season of flannel models for the winter to short summer pajamas made ​​of thin cotton.

Casual Wear for sleepwear

Besides classical sleepwear, many women and men opt for comfortable basics as nightwear. This includes shirts and tops as well as pants and shorts. Of course you can also combine basics and sleepwear: for example, a cotton shirt with a pajama pants or a top with a short pajama pants for women.

Material qualities in focus: This sleepwear is especially kind to the skin

Buyer of sleepwear you should also pay attention to the material quality. Apart from a comfortable sectional shape offers high quality materials for optimal wearing comfort. Consider this: With eight hours you spend at least one third of the day in bed. During this time you want to make yourself as comfortable as possible of course. These material qualities are available to you:


Nightshirts and pajamas are traditionally made of cotton. This material quality is indicated by the facts 100 percent cotton or cotton. The trend is this organic cotton quality. The natural fiber is especially kind to the skin and is characterized by breathable properties. Cotton absorbs moisture perfectly, and is therefore ideally suited for the summer months. However, cotton accounts for their skin-friendly material structure are very pleasant even in winter, and therefore one of the most chosen material qualities for sleepwear.


Pajamas in flannel quality are suitable with its warming properties for the autumn and winter time. Flannel is available as cotton and wool flannel as. The fabric from yarn is characterized by a light material quality and a fluffy feel.


High quality negligees and pajamas are available in silk quality. Silk is a natural fiber that is obtained from the cocoons of silkworms. The silk fabrics include chiffon and satin. Real Silk isolated cold and heat alike, and has a cooling effect, especially in the summer months. The lightweight stainless fiber guarantees a particularly luxurious feel.


Nightwear for women like baby dolls and negligees is often offered in the material quality polyester. Polyester is a synthetic fiber and convinces with extremely durable properties. Even after frequent washes tends sleepwear made of polyester not to fade the color. Polyester is very easy, but only conditionally breathable. If you sweat often while sleeping, you should rather choose a natural fiber such as cotton.

The most popular sleepwear: nightgown, pajamas or naked?

The range of fashionable sleepwear has never been so versatile as today. Fashionable Nightwear can be found not only in the range of classic lingerie brands, but also in the collections of many designer labels and brands trend. Despite this new variety fashionable nightwear but has not yet found its way into every bedroom: In 2011, only one in three has an estimated new nightwear bought. These figures are consistent with the general sleep habits. Only every second person wears namely actually sleepwear sleep. About 30 percent prefer to sleep in their underwear, and those who remained completely renounce on textiles in bed. American figures from 2004 show a similar trend: Only a third of respondents wearing nightwear. Especially while men like to sleep naked, while more than half of the women wearing special nightwear. But is it a good idea to sleep in his underwear or to dispense entirely with textiles in bed?

A question of style: Underwear as Nightwear

For sleeping, of course, are also comfortable boxer shorts, shirts and pants. Especially seamless underwear and comfortable cotton and jersey qualities are the comfort of nightwear in nothing. Not recommended, but it is to use the underwear of the day as nightwear. Conventional bras or tight boxer shorts are not comfortable enough for the night. A no-go: easy at night to keep the worn underwear of the day. This is also true for the socks still disappear with some contemporaries under the covers.

Nude sleep – Hot or not?

Surveys have shown that most men like to sleep naked. For some, the nude Sleeping is a way of life, while others feel restricted by clothing in bed. A waiver of sleepwear has the advantage of leaving out a textile layer, which often brings a sweat, especially in summer. Premium bedding in qualities such as combed cotton feels on the skin very pleasant, inviting their proverbial for a nude sleeping. Who sleeps naked, but also freezes easily. This is especially true for restless sleepers who frequently change their position during sleep and which thereby lost is the bedspread. Also note that bed linen must be washed more frequently if you sleep naked. Basically, however, is a waiver of textiles nothing wrong.
Though you sleep best without nightwear, but you should definitely give comfortable Night Wear a chance: with a skin-friendly cotton nightgown, a silk pajama or linen you sleep more comfortable than without, as a rule textiles. In the summer months cool materials such as silk skin, while in the winter, makes a warming flannel fabric for more comfort. Fashionable nightwear discover on eBay in all colors, cuts and fabric qualities.