Girl’s nightwear for healthy sleep

Girls Sleepwear Buying GuideYou should ensure quality and appropriate to the season sleepwear that small and big girls sleep soundly. After all, children spend up to twelve hours in bed every night and wear pajamas and nightgowns accordingly long. Buyer of sleep clothing so does the fit and the cut as well as the material of great importance. Parents feel slightly overwhelmed by the huge selection of girl’s nightwear, which is available today. At the latest, from school age children want to be in addition included with the purchase decision of sleeping lingerie. However, the wishes of the girls do not always correspond to the ideas that their parents appropriately sleepwear have, so that a compromise must be found

Well-designed sleepwear for every season

Basically may nightwear for children constrict in any case or perhaps even press. Whether you are looking for a nightgown or pajamas decide the cut should always provide maximum freedom of movement. At the same may nightwear also not be too large, otherwise there is a danger of slippage.

Nightwear for the warm season

For the warm season, girl’s nightwear is very good with short sleeves or narrow straps. Puffed sleeves are highly recommended because they are loose and do not constrict the upper arm. This applies both to shorty as well as nightgown. In warm summer nights, the girl’s nightwear must also be very short, either in the form of a mini night dress or straight-cut Sleep-shirts. Short pajamas which consist of an airy top and shorts are also very popular as a summer’s nightwear.

Warm sleepwear for babies

In autumn and winter nightdresses and pajamas effectively protect from cooling down. Especially babies and toddlers struggle at night often free, so that they are without warming blanket in her crib. To prevent this situation, warm sleepwear is essential. You can ride up in no case, so that the small stomach, legs or arms are exposed to the cold air. One-piece pajamas with long sleeves and legs prevent this from occurring. One piece is bought with feet for babies happy. Toddlers are especially practical for the night, which can be opened in step with snaps or a zipper. So, it is possible to wrap the baby without having to be fully pulled out.

Winter night shirts and pajamas

Older girls wear on cool nights either a long nightgown or pajamas. A girl’s night shirt for the winter should be at least below the knees rich, even better is ankle length. If your daughter absolutely wants to wear a shorter nightgown, combine this simply with a matching pajama pants. A winter night shirt should not have to generous cut, so that the chest does not cool down at night. A small scoop neck or a high collar make very well. A handy button bar or a zipper thereby facilitates the donning and doffing. Long sleeves provide at nightgowns for the fall and winter is a must represents a solid, but not too tight cuffs at the end of the sleeve prevent slipping during sleep. Many sporting girls prefer pajamas. For the cold season, should these are characterized by long sleeves and legs. Parents look for when buying winter pajamas sure that the top is long enough. So it can be tucked in without any problems, so the back and belly are covered reliably during the night.

The right material for girls nightwear

Nightwear comes in direct contact with the delicate skin of children, so to be made on the material particularly high demands. Sleeping lingerie for girls should be free of pollutants in order to avoid allergic skin reactions or even diseases. In addition, the material should allow air exchange, and discharging the moisture that occurs when nocturnal sweating. In principle, natural fibers are preferable to any artificial materials, because they have these characteristics particularly high degree.

Girl’s nightwear in jersey made of cotton and cotton blend fabrics

Fine jersey cotton has established itself as material for sleepwear very successful. Slightly elastic and smooth, this fabric feels comfortable against the skin. The dense fabric is highly absorbent, so moisture away from the skin.

Interlock cotton jersey, which is knitted double-sided, it is slightly less elastic than single jersey, but has a very large resistance. In addition, Jersey convinces by its excellent care properties. Girls nightwear made of this material can be washed at high temperatures and is usually also dryable without any problems. It often can be dispensed with the ironing of nightgowns and pajamas made from cotton jersey.

Girls nightwear made of fine cotton batiste

Batiste is a lightweight fabric that is perfect for summer nightgowns and pajamas. It is woven in close weave, creating a exceptional firm and smooth structure. In warm nights, this material feels very cool against the skin. Nevertheless, cotton batiste is very absorbent and breathable. However, girls nightwear cambric must always be ironed.

Girls night underwear made of soft cotton flannel

For cold winter nights to girls night shirts and pajamas are made of cozy flannel very good. This thick cotton fabric, which is usually woven in twill weave, has a brushed inside. He does not only convince by excellent insulation properties, but also has a very soft feel. This cotton flannel is extremely lightweight and durable. Will clothing from cotton flannel hung directly smooth after washing, they do not need ironing.

Pollution-free girl’s nightwear

Today, many textiles are loaded with carcinogenic and allergy-causing pollutants. Children and adolescents are particularly vulnerable to these chemicals because their bodies are still growing. For this reason you should make sure that girls nightwear is free from objectionable substances.

Organic cotton is produced without chemicals required for its cultivation are used. Also during further processing, such as the equipment of the tissue and the inking is a largely omitted harmful substance. Because of this, organic cotton is ideal for nightgowns and pajamas for children. Either way, it is recommended that the girl’s nightwear after purchase to wash first in the machine before wearing once in order to rid them of any residues.

Pretty nightwear, the big and little girls like good

The chic design of girls night shirts and sleep suits stands today after of outerwear in nothing. You get girls nightwear in different cuts and designs, depending on whether your daughter rather a romantic or casual style preference. Equally diverse is the range of colors from plain white extends to bright neon colors.

Playful nightgowns and pajamas for little dreamers

Little girls like to dress up as a princess, happy about nightgowns, which are particularly sweet with intricate details. Frills and ruffles at the hem and on the sleeves give girls night shirts a particularly endearing touch.

Achieve the same effect tucks and piping or little bows at the neckline. All pink and pink tones are particularly well-received by girls in kindergarten and primary school age. Small dots or cheerful Polkadots look fresh and make good mood when going to bed and getting up. For small riding fans, there are nightgowns and pajamas with pony prints or applied horse. Mickey Mouse and also other cute cartoon characters enjoy as print designs for girls nightwear great popularity. Less recommended are night shirts and pajamas with glitter designs. The glitter particles may detach under certain circumstances and then be swallowed or inhaled.

Nightwear for cool girls

Size blame girls and teenagers may like to simply cut pajamas, shorties and sleep shirts. Particularly beautiful are pajama pants and shorts in which a retracted tunnel belt replaces the rubber cuffs. Large kangaroo pockets on the top and casual hooded represent several other stylistic elements that arrive particularly well with young people. Sporty and fresh act nightshirts and pajamas with block stripes or horizontal stripes cheeky. Modern girl’s nightwear is available in many attractive colors. Very classic color combinations act in the navy look in white, red and blue. Neon colors and different shades of gray are always in demand among young people. Also motif prints with lettering or numbers in baseball style are very often worn by teenage girls.

Morning and bathrobes

Most kids go in the evening not just after relocating to bed. And in the morning they pull usually not immediately after getting up, spend a certain time in a nightgown or pajamas. Something to look dressed, wearing a morning or offers bathrobe on. Straight cut, with or without hood they are closed with a simple belt. From absorbent cotton or micro-fiber, they are well suited for the summer. They can be worn after bathing or showering directly on the skin. If it is cooler, to make robes made ​​from warm flannel or fleece excellent. They are light, but still keep them reliably warm. Buyer of such morning or bathrobes, parents can save money by ordering these garments just one size larger. Are the sleeves too long at first, they are transshipped or possibly sewn. Later you can put them without an envelope. In this way grow with bathing and dressing gowns and can be worn for several years.

No matter which you choose sleepwear: Let your child a say. It must feel good after all.