GoPro Suction Cup Mount

GoPro Suction Cup Mount is great to put it on a car and record from outside the car certainly with the wifi remote. The go pro suction cup holds well on the front edge inside the hood of jeep wrangler and well done mount with great finish. This mount looks well and is simple to use and the suction cup locks into place for a well reliable hold. This is just a wonderful piece of equipment and consist of a couple gopro screws, a short and long arm extension. It works long as you clean the surface you mount it on well and the suction mount is useful as long as its on a flat surface.

This makes smoother picture, particularly on bumpy roads and ensure you clean the surface for the perfect seal. It is sturdy as can be made from great stable materials and a good gopro accessory to have in your arsenal, it works on just about any old thing. It consist of a couple of arms to make it more multipurpose and allows your gp to be moved around with out wasting the adhesive mounts. It gives much more comfort of mind certainly when attached to moving cars on bumpy roads.

GoPro Suction Cup Mount

Cheap GoPro Suction Cup Mount
Stable style and not difficult to use and assemble. Durable and not messy to use.

mount is worth to buy

GoPro Suction Cup Mount

GoPro Suction Cup Mount consist of long and short arms and stays stuck on whatever clean surface you stick it to. If you want a solid suction mount for your go pro, this is it. Like any suction product, it recommends you to do cleaning the surface before you mount it for greatest adhesive. How robust the suction cups are. Used it in training with cars crashing into each other and it got good footage while staying firmly in place. Thehero3 black appears to be to be one of the most well-performing of the hero series of cameras. With the included parts it’s possible to customize it to your liking.

Love the adapters that it consist of you are able to mount it in several guidelines/ angles. Having the capability to place a camera almost wherever is wonderful. Batteries drains quite speedy when lcd display is attached and holds fairly well the gopro and it’s solid that some people even use it to remove some dents. Gopro timelapse road footage long-standing as could be and much more secure and not difficult to use.

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GoPro Suction Cup Mount is greatest suction cup for the money. This mount is good for fun shots on your next road trip. This product give a best result for recording your every day commute or for your autocross laps on the weekends.