Hand Blenders the versatile kitchen helperHardly a kitchen appliance is as practical and versatile as a hand blender. Small and handy in size – so the hand blender is extremely compact, finds space in any kitchen drawer and is always ready to hand in a matter of seconds. Nevertheless, hand blender is powerful helpers in the kitchen that does not have to hide behind larger food processor.

Hand blender, and look under the names blender, stick blender or hand blender, despite their small size, are a prime example of application diversity. Pureeing, chopping, mixing or whipping cream – even the basic facilities offers the immersion blender through the variety of its application examples. With the right accessories can further increase the number of potential uses.

The components of a hand blender

The most important component of a stick blender is of course the engine is housed in the handle of the device. The devices with powerful engines are able to reach up to 20,000 revolutions per minute. The handle closes at the foot, at the end to connect the blades. To avoid splashing and injure, they are surrounded by the bell.

The equipment variety of bar mixers starts with the engine. At the lower end of the scale we find devices with 200-watt motor, or even weaker. For the preparation of milk shakes or pureeing small portions of these devices are safe enough. For more demanding tasks like pureeing richer soups or chopping of nuts would be better to use more powerful machines. Common models are usually driven with 500-600 watt motors and have thus for all sorts of tasks sufficient power.

The powerhouses in the immersion blender

But who would have liked a little more, will also hand blender with motors up to 800 watts of power. With such a specimen you are prepared for all eventualities. One should of course keep in mind the higher wattage is associated with larger engines and so usually brings a stronger noise pollution. In addition, devices with more powerful engines are naturally more expensive in the acquisition. Who wants to cook for himself from himself and a milkshake, is certainly over-powered by a 600-watt professional device.


In addition to devices which are normally operated by electricity from the grid, there are also wireless models with built-in battery. This is of course particularly practical since it is no longer dependent on a fixed workstation with power outlet.

Features of the base unit

Simple hand blenders often have little additional functions. For the much-quoted milkshake is – in this case – perfectly adequate. Ornate equipped devices also offer the possibility to adjust the rotation speed – usually in several stages, in the best case, step less regulation is possible. Such a function is in any device of great benefit, but especially for immersion blenders with powerful engines should be a controllability duty, for 600 watts applied unrestrained in a small vessel, can quickly cause a big mess in the kitchen.

Hand Blender with Turbo

Some hand blenders also have additional functions such as impulse or turbo mode. In the pulse-function hand blender automatically at regular intervals (pulses) is operated. The turbo button provides a button the maximum power and the maximum rotation speed of the device, regardless of which speed is selected otherwise.

What you should consider before buying

Before you decide to buy a hand blender, you should think about some points.

What features should fulfill the device?

In the first place, of course, is the question of what work you want to use the hand blender. This suggests may already roughly in what order (engine power) should be the choice. For the simple pureeing soups or milkshakes, devices already rich with smaller engine without any additional features. If the device also vegetables, meat or even can crush ice cubes, your future kitchen helper needs some more power.

All-rounder with the correct accessories

Even the basic amenities are hand blender wonder of versatility. With the right accessories equipped these little heroes of the kitchen but truly to be all-rounder. In addition to the classic blender lure whisk for whipping cream or egg whites and various cutting attachments, the various ingredients such. Example nuts, vegetables or meat can crush easily. Multiple choppers, you, among other things in the category Electric shredder find, cut onions in seconds, without letting you break out in tears. An Ice Crusher transforms ice cubes into crushed ice for cocktails. Depending on the device and engine power are perhaps even food processors attachments – so that the hand blender into a veritable food processor.

The device is easy to clean?

An important criterion for the selection of a device is, whether it is also easy to clean. Since it is an electrical appliance in hand blender, the unit should be cleaned itself only with a damp sponge. In some models the foot of the mixer is removable and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. At the end of the foot, protected by bell, lie the knives. On some models, this bell is provided with openings. While this makes cleaning easier, but can when using the stick blender ever cause spill.

Show the essays change or there are spare parts?

When buying, you should continue to pay attention, whether it is possible to change the essays. Simple hand blenders are usually “cast in one piece”, i.e. the engine block and knife are inseparable. If the blade is worn out or destroyed, the entire device is a case for the dustbin. Hand Blender, which can decrease the cutting attachments, offer many advantages. Worn and broken attachments can be replaced easily, because the manufacturers usually offer replacement attachments for sale. The expensive new purchase of a machine is therefore not necessary.
Furthermore, most comprehensive range of accessories available for those hand blenders that can be changed quickly and easily. In return, it saves a fault in the drive part of the initial purchase all the accessories that you have accumulated over the years if possible. If you buy a compatible base unit new, fit to continue all other accessories. Not least facilitate removable attachments to clean the device and there is no danger of damaging the electrical parts of the appliance by water contact or to cause a short circuit.

Design and Price

Last but not least is the selection of a design issue and the pricing ideas. Functional or futuristic hand blenders are available in all kinds of styles and price ranges. Ultimately so which hand blenders decide the personal taste and your wallet will end up in the kitchen will help.


The hand blender is a wonderful helper in the kitchen. Anyone who has ever owned one, they will never want to miss it again. At first glance, it may not make it appear, but the variety under immersion blenders is very large. Motor outputs 160-800 watts facilitate the decision just as the choice between varieties of trim levels. Numerous inclusive or optional accessories create applications for hand-held blender to which one hardly thinks at first.