Find the best air conditioningIf it is very hot in summer, many people long to cool down. Even at night it is much too hot to many summer days, to sleep. A good solution may be to purchase an air conditioner. This cools the room temperature and thus ensures pleasant conditions. In many cases, not only the temperature but also humidity is regulated. This is particularly to sweltering humid days very pleasant.

Choose a suitable air-conditioner

Considering air conditioner and heater, it is found that there are many different deals. You can find devices that are used to cool the air, while others can heat a room. For many products it is also possible to use it either as a cooling unit or a heating.

Split or mono block devices

If you select an air conditioner, you can select either a split or a mono block device. Both alternatives are very different, which is why it is very important to know the advantages and disadvantages of both alternatives.
In the category Mono block / exhaust hose you find devices that consist only of a single part. Most deals have an exhaust hose that directs the hot air to the outside. Some devices can also be used in a window or opening in a wall opening specially crafted. In this case, one end of the device in the open, the other end into the apartment. For devices with exhaust hose, you must provide an appropriate opening. You can either drill a hole in the wall, or redirect the warm air through a window or a door to the outside. In this case, however, you should set a specific device that the gap that arises in this way through the half-open window, seals, otherwise the effectiveness decreases greatly.

Split units

Split unit consist of two different units that have a very different task. Outside of the living space of the so-called condenser is attached, which transfers the heat to the environment. The evaporator is located on the other hand inside the home and is here the cool air. Both parts are connected by a tube containing a special gas. The installation of these devices should be taken in each case by an expert because the piping system must be filled with the correct gas. The pressure should be set correctly to ensure proper operation of the device.

Split units are considerably more expensive than mono-blocks and also the installation is much more expensive. However, they work more efficiently. In a mono-block unit, the hot air is easily directed into the open. The result is inside the apartment a negative pressure causes warm air flows in through window and door gaps. In this way, the efficiency decreases significantly. However, a good alternative can be mono-blocks with double air hose. These include a hose, which sucks the air, and a hose, which delivers the hot air. In this way, no negative pressure, thereby increasing efficiency arises.

Air conditioning with heating function

There also many devices available that can cool the room not only, but also make it possible to heat it. The principle of the heat pump system is used, which is very effective in many cases. In this case, most of the energy is simply deducted from the environment so that the energy consumption drops significantly. If you decide to purchase an air conditioner, this possibility is a very interesting option. Way you can on other heater do without, which often have a much higher consumption.

Performance and efficiency of air conditioners

A very important point in the selection of products is always their performance. This determines how strong the cooling performance. In general, these in kW (kilowatt) is given in many imported products However, there is also an indication BTU (British Thermal Unit). If you compare the information with each other, it is therefore always important to use only values ​​in the same unit. What should be the performance depends primarily on the room size from, but it also plays a role in how well it is insulated. It is always advisable to briefly inquire before purchase from Seller, for how much room the device is appropriate.

You should also make sure that the device uses the energy effectively. An important clue here is the energy efficiency. If you acquire an effective device, save through lower energy consumption, the environment and also relieve your household budget.

Alternative devices for air conditioners


If it is hot outside, the air conditioning is not the only way. Another alternative is fan to be used. Although both alternatives provide cooling but they have a completely different mode of action. Air conditioners cool the room temperature and bring it to a low level. So stay at the relevant building is very pleasant. Fans, not cool the air, it only move. This leads however to the fact that the people who are present at the corresponding place feel less heat. In hot weather, the human body is usually covered with sweat. If the moving air meets the body of the welding is caused to evaporate. This energy is required which is absorbed from the environment. The consequence of this is that the skin cools slightly. Therefore, the airflow always is refreshing.

However, the effect is significantly weaker than the fan in an air conditioner. If the heat is not too large, a fan can certainly be helpful in a strong heat wave but he pushes to its limits. In addition, he is also suitable for use in an office poorly suited. The movement of air ensures here that the papers are here constantly swirled mess.

But the fan also offers advantages, already in the purchase of which you are considerably less expensive. Moreover, an expensive installation is necessary, in contrast to the majority of air conditioning systems. If you table fan or floor fan to use, no installation is required at all and even with the use of ceiling fan of effort is quite low. In addition, the power consumption is much lower, so that the maintenance costs are considerably lower than in an air conditioner. If you are looking for an inexpensive device, therefore, the fan is a good alternative, even if he can not so much improve the indoor air as the air conditioning.

Air cooler

There are also devices which are referred to as air coolers.  Portable air conditioners confusingly similar and are sometimes also called the same, but have a completely different mode of action. Here a tank with cold water or ice is filled. The device then forwards the room air over the cold surface and cools it thus from. Therefore, the temperature of the room is reduced and also it is also moved. If you want to purchase an air conditioner, it is very helpful to pay close attention to whether it is such an air cooler, since both products can be easily mistaken to be a real chiller or. You will find also numerous mini air conditioner for use in the car or in the office, the use of this principle.

The operating principle of these devices is much simpler than in an air conditioner, which is why they are also much cheaper. In addition, they also have lower power consumption. However, you must note that the cooling fails significantly lower than when using an air conditioner. You also need efficient freezers to provide the necessary amount of ice. If you calculate the cost and power consumption, you must also take into account the expenses for this device.


The purchase of an air conditioner can be a difficult task, as there are in these area quite different deals with different functions. If you only need a slight cooling, the purchase of a fan can be worthwhile. This is inexpensive and also it has low energy consumption. If you opt for an air conditioner, make sure that there are mono-block and split units. Mono-bloc air conditioners are installed cheaper and usually easier, but they have a lower efficiency than split units. If you want to assign to low maintenance cost value and also protect the environment, therefore recommended the purchase of a split air conditioner. In this case, it is also possible to choose a product that is usable as a heat pump system, and may heat the room with low energy consumption.