Iron buying guidesThere is a wide range of iron, which are suitable for different purposes. The small models are suitable for traveling, while other units are supplied in combination with ironing table with which it can be ironed at home comfortably. Based on the product description tells you how big, how hard and how variable use the irons are. When selecting you should first consider how often and for what purposes you use the device normally. Need a steam iron or a dry iron ranges from? Where a travel iron your needs or you value a great iron or mangle? Also ironing presses can facilitate the housework.

Iron for everyday needs

The properties of iron are available as individual as the requirements for these everyday helpers. Just because ironing is one of the least popular household activities, you can facilitate this work. Through the innovative devices ironing takes less time. In addition, the modern irons are significantly lighter than the previously models. The precise adjustment of temperature and the textiles are preserved. The most commonly used model is the steam iron, before smoothing the fabric to be ironed with steam and makes for a quick and better result.

Finding the right iron

This means you are satisfied with the result of ironing; you should select the most suitable model for you. For easy ironing a few items of clothing usually ranges from a dry iron, but generally provide the steam iron for smoother and so neater results. If you are buying not only the cost but also of good quality. Both the performance and the setting options attest to the high quality of the iron. If the equipment and processing meet your expectations, you can verify the design of the device, a functional perspective, which plays a supporting role. But if it comes to irons or other household appliances such as lint goes, a trendy design always affects the purchasing decision.

Use of test results and reviews that are available on the Internet, you’ll learn about customer satisfaction. This applies to irons as well as sewing machine. Compare the candidate irons of different manufacturers, in this way you get a good overview. Sometimes there are top qualities branded products at special prices that are slightly more expensive than the discounted products.

Meet a pre-selection

Before you order an iron, you should have already made ​​a reservation for yourself. Afterwards easy comparison and you fall not into temptation, to make the design to the front or to the test sentences available disregarded. Especially if you choose for a high-quality steam iron, you should get an idea about the different models before buying. In addition, the right plays ironing table a role: The height adjustment makes ironing easy and depending on the coating, it improves the ironing result.

Five important aspects in the selection of the iron

For selecting the right iron several criteria play a role. In addition to the use and functionality of the device it is important especially in the ease of handling. In this context, you should pay attention to the following five points:

  1. The maximum steam capacity increases with the specified wattage.
  2. The higher the power, the easier it is to straighten the matter.
  3. A large water tank saves refilling.
  4. A smooth-running and well-to-clean sole material makes ironing easy.
  5. Spray patterns (vertical and / or surface) in steam irons provide an improved result.

Preferred features of the iron

Appliances should be easy to use and work perfectly. In the selection of the iron, it depends on a good handling, a not too heavy weight and functional facilities. Steam iron with standard features suitable for most everyday ironing work. They are often equipped with a sole made ​​of stainless steel that slides easily over the fabric, it is scratch resistant and easy to clean. Also soles of ceramic or coating are available. By a thermostat on the iron-sensitive and strong textiles can be adjusted. Wool and silk can be ironed only at low temperature, while cotton and linen are smooth properly only in extreme heat. Optimal iron, in which the degree of heat can be easily read and virtually adjust. Most models have a cable with a length between 1.5 and 2 meters. These can be either the plug ironing table or in a socket on the wall. When you purchase the iron on whether the device filled with tap water or distilled water if only may be used. Many irons are equipped with anti-scale cartridge or similar programs, which allow the use of tap water. For comfortable filling the water tank, the opening should be sufficiently large and easily accessible.

The size of the water tank has an impact both on the overall size of the iron out, on the other hand also on the weight. For ease of handling, it is advisable to choose a model with a sure grip. Knobs, an open handle or ergonomic shape ensure that the iron is well in hand.

Some irons are characterized by narrow and sharp fronts to facilitate ironing of rows of buttons and cuffs. Others can be folded practically and therefore suitable as a travel iron. Find out before purchasing so, what additional features does your chosen iron.

Tips for the use of iron

You have some of your functional and high quality iron long term; it is worthwhile to consider some basic tips. Improper application and the neglect of regular cleansing action of wear are possible, just some ironing unnecessarily difficult.

Regular and thorough cleaning of the sole facilitates sliding. The descaling program should also be carried out at regular intervals. For this purpose there is a separate button on many models. Use the spray to clear the nozzle. By keeping clean of the ironing board, the iron glides better on it. In addition, the materials should be ironed just exactly according to the instructions that are written on the textiles themselves and in the operating instructions of the iron.

In order not to crush the ironed clothes again, it is best immediately following on the coat hanger hung. For suit and garments that are worn less frequently, it pays to garment bag to use.

The use of iron

The habits in the use of iron depend on the one hand by the need to ironed clothes, on the other hand, according to the individual sense of order. Older generations feel only comfortable when linens, socks and shirts are ironed, while the younger only iron their shirts. Some people like the fresh smell of ironing starch and quickly visible result, other iron only when it is absolutely necessary.

The selection of the suitable iron depends on the use habits. For students and singles, the iron rarely, a model with simple functionality ranges. If many tablecloths and curtain to iron, an iron with steam or steam shock function worthwhile. In general it can be stated that the low standard models for robust and simple enough matter, while high-quality iron suitable for sensitive substances with multiple functions.