Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 for Business

Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 is wonderful product that did really what it was intended for. This keyboard is great suitable keyboard with decent range from dongle and convenient and not messy to put together. This combo is most effective mouse and keyboard ive got and the key board has a well useand it can be more high to work with. This Microsoft 5SH-00001 practically does it it self, plug & play, batteries included and the life of the battery is well, the feel is exceptional. The special hotkeys for things like calculator are beautiful awesome and awesome job microsoft, now apply this to your phone technology :.

This one has a trim small thing, a large improvement and a well small keyboard/mouse combo. The mouse’s usefulness has ceased to exist and desktop set has that feel, it’s going to give a best result even before you connect it. This product is nice life of the battery, somewhat limited range and microsoft 800 at 24 bucks suits the require effectively. This works correctly from the moment it is plugged into the computer.

Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 for Business

Cheap Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 for Business
This cordless combo includes a uncomplicated keyboard and basic three-button optical mouse. Terrific items and simple to set up and not difficult to put together and precise. If you’re expecting a keyboard that is not messy to use, look elsewhere.

How this keyboard impress user?

Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 for Business

Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 uses 2 aaa inner the keyboard and 1 aa inner the mouse and duracell batteries were included. Keyboard is nice mouse was junk to start with. After it started working it comes with been good though and the keys are shaped well and the mouse looks well. The combo give a good quality together, has superb range and give a good quality under eoperating system. Turn on the computer and it’s ready to work with – simple. Otherwise it is precise and work with good performance and light-weight and the keys have a nice action. It’s in great condition and like with great performance.

Mouse well built and its lightweight to hold and simple to set up and not difficult to use. High performance components and sturdy performance. These are well built, convenient and have at least a 25 foot range. Mouse has nice feel and tactile response on the buttons and the keyboard is a pleasure to work with, convenient and sensitive. This keyboard is certainly troublesome when trying to highlight and copy a line of text and cheaper and just consist of less trash to throw away.

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Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 for BusinessMicrosoft Wireless Desktop 800 is nice value for the money thanks. This keyboard is great and last for long time. This combo consists of nice features for adjusting sound and the calculator is handy for work related stuff and good value and recommended for the money. This Microsoft 5SH-00001 is nice deal for the for this keyboard and mouse set. Would really recommend to any one searching for a wired keyboard/mouse replacement. Shiny look with useful shortcuts for volume control and media play and has a beautiful great range for a cordless keyboard/mouse and great life of the battery.