Motorola OEM Droid X/MB810 BH5X Battery is great fit correct in changed it up and lasts a long time. This battery worked correctly and was simple to change and the deliwas speedy and the battery give a great quality. This new battery is fine to have a back up battery in case the other one is shot and the battery is holding solid ewhere else wanted to much for it. This Motorola SNN5865 is good black color with contrasting white letters and well to get the phone working again.

This product comes with performed well far with minimal charging and proved to be a nice battery, just like the original. It is great idea to have a spare on hand and great to have a spare any way. It works appropriately – long life as well as the original and greatest option in a long time tech-wise.

Motorola OEM Droid X/MB810 BH5X Battery

Cheap Motorola OEM Droid X/MB810 BH5X Battery
Motorola OEM Droid X/MB810 BH5X Battery is not messy to set up and holds a charge. This battery is not messy to change and charge it. An simple method to extend your life of the battery.

new battery is worth to buy

This battery came entirely charged and holds the charge as can be expected based on its use. The battery was cheap and came in rapidly and the battery charged effective one time, then absolutely died. Rcvd the product rapidly and it was nice and nice to have extra batteries charged and on hand. These are well to must swap out and give extra power when needed and one worked much more suitable and im happy. When you had to make it transportable, it generally turn off just when you needed it most.

Am satisfied with quickness of getting to 100% of capability and the deliwas really speedy and the product works as inform. This affected an area of the display and reduced the charging ability to absolutely nothing and perfect of luck to buyers and seller. This battery is good lights to let you know when it’s charging and when it’s done. Looks identical to the existing one and holds a charger appropriately. Life of the battery is great based on first 24hrs usage.

Where to buy lowest price Motorola OEM Droid X/MB810 BH5X Battery?


Motorola OEM Droid X/MB810 BH5X Battery is well replacement for the the droid x2. This battery is nice extra battery to have for those long trips when you’re from juice & have to change and good for keeping a spare in your wallet or your purse. Holds a nice charge for 4-5 hrs of using apps, phone, etc.