Nightgowns for women The nightgown serves the ladies as cozy and chic sleepwear. Nightgowns are loose-fitting and usually quite long shirts made of soft fabrics such as silk, cotton or terry cloth. The comfortable sleepwear is usually worn only by women, and is commercially available both with and without support.

The nightgown is a far-cut, knee-length shirt that was predominantly for sleeping will be used. Were nightgowns worn for this purpose in earlier times, both women and men alike, but who has in the men in the field of nightwear now pajama successfully enforced.

Generally known under a nightgown a one piece is usually made ​​from comfortable to wear fabrics. Woman a comfortable sofa feeling this way is to be awarded in the night. Apart from the aspect of convenience, the change of seasons should be considered when choosing the appropriate nightwear but necessarily. While in spring and summer short-cut nightwear in airy fabrics such as silk or satin  are offered, you can quickly, especially in autumn and winter with the wrong sleepwear freeze and consequently to an unpleasant cold sick.

In this case, should be on warming fabrics, such as cotton or satin, fall back. Only in this way is soothing and relaxing night’s sleep.

The different types of nightgown

Nightgowns are the classic sleep wear for women and continue to be, in addition to pajamas, the most worn clothing night at all.

Estimated they will be supported by women of all ages for their high comfort and also in young girls they come as clothing for overnight use, and this, of course, in different variants, because the range of nightgowns is huge in general.

Whether subtly designed or cut in a colorful combination of colors, falling far or close, playful, romantic or sexy, nightgowns are available in endless shapes and colors. Basically, however, you can make including several different types of nighties.

Long T-shirts

Regarding the different types of nightgowns are first of all the very classic nightgowns in the form of a loose-fit, long T-shirts to name a few. Similar to such upper parts of these variants have short sleeves, but are particularly long and rich cut accordingly usually at least half of the thighs.

Dresses with thin straps

Among the various types of night gown but also include models that visually a summery spaghetti dress similar and therefore have narrow straps that hold the most cut A-line dress.

This model is the basis of modern design that is significantly trendier variant represents, which in addition puts the figure of the wearer in the limelight. The figure-hugging cut highlights the advantages of the woman and is also the view of the cleavage-free.

Pajama shirts

Likewise, however, types are available that actually like a shirt look and are modeled on the loose cut pajama shirt, as well as models made ​​of different materials. So there are both nightgowns cotton blends as well as models made ​​of micro-fiber, terry clothlinen or satin.

The most popular materials for nightgowns

Nightgowns are true classic underwear and sleeping mode, since for decades they are a permanent part of the wardrobe of many women.

They often come every night to use, as most can be in nothing pleasant sleep than in this extremely comfortable cut dress like outfits.

Due to the huge popularity they are of course also available in many looks, which differ in different cuts and colors, but especially in terms of various substances used each other. Some of them, however, have often considered the most popular materials for nightgowns proven.

Cotton and spandex

If you want to look at the most popular materials for nightgowns even closer, then you get first of all not to the classic cotton around, because this is often used as with many other apparel variants, even when such sleeping outfits to manufacturing.

Mixed with elastane for the necessary elasticity of the night shirt, this material provides, in particular, since it is very soft on the skin feels, not scratches or the like, and also for sensitive skin due to its good compatibility ideal.

Micro fiber

Increasingly popular, however, is the use of micro fiber in nightgowns of all kinds. Also this proves to be a particularly fine fabric which can convince with a comfortable feel.

Satin, silk and linen

But may be forgotten also the materials satin, silk and linen not, where especially the latter often found for summer nightgowns use, which have to remain very loose and airy. Satin and silk, however, often come at nightgowns for use that will captivate with a particularly chic look.

Nightgowns are worn by women of all ages as nightwear, they see not only chic from, but are also very comfortable and always offer a great comfort.

Due to the specific section in the form of a T-shirt dress the wearer has a large legroom and also to nightgowns is also ideal for night clothing in the summer, because they are airy cut, fall loosely and can still be comfortable to wear even in hot weather.

Increases the wearing comfort again when the nightgown is very fluffy and very soft to the skin feeling. This can usually be achieved by the observance of a few things in a jiffy.

Washing and care tips

Properly be fluffy nightgowns when you wash them properly. For this it is necessary to wash the nightgown as gently as possible and at a not too hot temperature because the sensitive, thin fabric is otherwise too heavily. Therefore, the nightgown in which should Washer at best at 30 degrees or even with lukewarm water and a mild detergent to be washed by hand.

This would even be the ideal solution for the fabric of the nightgown, because then it does not rub on the drum, which could eventually lead to wear and tear. Likewise, of course, should be avoided even after washing up at hot temperatures.

Instead of using a tumble dryer , it is recommended to let the nightgown always allow to air dry. In general, always a must even with the laundry softener be used, as this gets the Fluffy.