This battery is great battery for a prius and the plastic handle is super-simple to remove and reattach, and the lead terminals are the pencil-design used by toyota Prius. This product is nice to have a working car again and has a few nice videos on youtube.


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For Off-Road/Competition/Performance/Car Audio

Using easy tools, just like on youtube.

Why most customer love this Optima battery?

Optima Batteries 8171-767 YellowTop Prius Battery is good videos on youtube on how to do anything. Cables are long enough for a convenient fit and has several youtube videos that lay out the changing process perfectly. No matter what naysayers show you, replacement is an simple thirty minute job watch the U tube how to. Pencil posts and safety vent are correctly designed to mate up to toyota connections. Battery deliwas speedy and it was clean at full charge.

This battery is well fit for ’04 Prius and fit appropriately and saved hundred bucks. Take note of the safety and advantage tips posted by other reviewers. Used electrical grease to keep away from corrosion and offer great contact and battery is recommended on many Prius blogs as a superior replacement to the battery toyota sells.

Where to get best deal for Optima Batteries 8171-767 YellowTop Prius Battery?

This battery is a great fit for the 2007 Prius with sks system. This battery is nice savings for a little diy one hour project.

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