Outdoor Fake came speedy and looks impressive it is absolutely affordable and the blinking light just tops it off. This camera is great quality product from UniquExceptional screws are cheap beware and even consist of mounting hardware and a fake wire. This product is great quality product from UniquExceptional to fend off intruders and a well camera from a well seller. This UniquExceptional UDC4silver consist of a 3×5 or bright yellow cctv sticker for a window and simple to setup with three provided screws. This item is well fake until the real camera was installed and the blinking red light is crucial, really setup batteries.

This camera is a nice deterrent to operate until you’re able to pay for the real system and not messy to setup, put batteries in. It is good method to seem property is monitored and not difficult to adjust by first unscrewing the knurled knob. It is great looking camera, the red blinking light provide a good quality and great eneough to fool the ups man. It is well value for, hopefully strengthening home security.

Outdoor Fake , Dummy Security Camera with Blinking Light (Silver)

Cheap Outdoor Fake , Dummy Security Camera with Blinking Light (Silver)

Ease of use

Outdoor Fake is not messy to set up and looks real. The performance and appearance were great and were simple to setup and not difficult to setup into the wood soffet high up. When it was installed with teh screws provided, the plastic base easily cracked off- – cheaply made. Be prepare though to change the batteries retain the location simple for you to make the change and can be without difficulty unassembled you’re able to fit all of it in correct. This one is place in a noticeable, simple-to-get-to place as a decoy for the real cameras.

Performance of this camera

Outdoor Fake is awesome looking – looks professional and works just as inform. Beautiful good looking and has a good bright red light to let the thieving butts know you see them. Waiting on well weather to setup this products and seem the real thing and was not difficult to mount. This camera is simple to adjust the angle and flashing led creates a realistic feel and looks good and is quite visible with the flashing led. This device appears to be much superior made and takes 2 aa batteries and the red blinking light is brighter. Seem a real functioning surveillance camera and the flashing light is a awesome touch and camera is a well solution to create the illusion that your property is under a watchful eye.

The cameras were simple to mount and the screws needed for this were included and well sense of security and real peace of mind. These dummy security cameras go together beautifully with the these premises protected by video surveillance indications available for $5.17 each and not difficult to setup with three wood screws. This is not difficult to set up, just 3 screws, done in few minutes and amazing put the lights up in november and original batteries are still working in april. It is well it is possible to use your imagination and consist of a plastic cord to make it looked like its wired into the wall.

Where to get best deal for Outdoor Fake , Dummy Security Camera?


Outdoor Fake is ideal decoy for wanting to seem a real camera. This camera is well to have around the doors for a small mor security. This camera is a great fit for raspberry pi usage and wonderful product for establishing fake security.