Philips SVC1116F/27 LCD, LED and Plasma Screen Cleaner Philips SVC1116F/27 LCD is a really great sized bottle, is included with a fantastic micro fiber cloth, and should last for quite a while. The soft microfiber cloth that gives you the cleaner is 10×10,and is pretty thick and stable. The cloth is big and amazingly soft; it looks like suede or a car chamois. Led monitors, this thing is simple for them to get dirty, and even simpler for them to show dirt, streaks and more. Looks to do cleaning well, and the cloth is wonderful. Towel that game with it is also excellent. The cloth that has it is a great microfiber cloth that you’ll be able to use on eyeglasses, tvs. The cloth that has this thing is tough and gets the job done shortly.

Philips SVC1116F/27 LCD, LED and Plasma Screen Cleaner

Cheap Philips SVC1116F/27 LCD, LED and Plasma Screen Cleaner

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Philips SVC1116F/27 LCD, LED and Plasma Screen Cleaner This model has an anti static something in it that causes it to be even more effective. The ipad has a glass display and this device worked a small more suitable with it. Use a various cloth when compared to the one that included it that causes it to be even more effective. The cloth that had this thing is soft like the cloth that includes a new pair of eyeglasses only larger. Laptop monitor looks more suitable when compared to when the computer is new. Philips SVC1116F/27 LCD is the perfect display cleaning product on the market. Less complicate use and the micro-fiber cloth is excellent. This svc1116f/27 lcd conveniently and rapidly cleans screens, with out leaving streaks.

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Philips SVC1116F/27 LCD incredibly provide a nice quality with the included cloth and the cleaner. This svc1116f/27 lcd is uncomplicate apply and work with good performance. This one feels to be the perfect one ive used till date & also dries up rapid. Perfect bet is to just try and do preventative maintenance with a dry swiffer/duster. This stuff certainly does make screens shine like new. Overall it is a fantastic solution for keeping your lcd screens clean. Pretty happy with it and definitely recommend the product. This is streak free and simple to wipe off.

Philips SVC1116F/27 LCD Features

  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • Safely and thoroughly cleans screens with a lint-free micofiber cloth, designed to eliminate dust, dirt and fingerprints
  • Streak-free cleaning fluid, formulated not to leave any kind of residue on your screen
  • Philips Screen Cleaner for TV’s, Plasma, LCD/LED and Computer Screens SVC2548G/27
  • Microfiber cloth may be washed gently in soap and water, then air dried – use it over and over again