This down comforter feel to be a performance product and the comforter is soft, warm, cozy and fluffy. The second one again has great performance.


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White goose-down comforter provides medium warmth for year-round comfort

What’s benefit of this Pinzon by Amazon down comforter?


This one seemed reasonable given the statistics. The comforter took a long time to ship as it was from stock for a while and the loft is great and it offers nice warmth. The cover is lovely and good performance with 4 loops on corners for duvet included part and has proven to be an fantastic value for the money. Incredibly suitable and meets all expectations on it being medium warmth and hypoallergenic and holding up nice, and it’s cozy. This down comforter has a incredible loft, fluffy and soft and a great performance comforter for winter like ca or pa.

This comforter seems good and is well worth the money. Nothing fairly, just give some thought to the weight of the comforter that you order and one has satisfied that want with its soft, pillowy feel and yet remains somewhat light and airy. This product was wonderfully warm while in the winter and perfect stitching, good and fluffy and full. The comforter is well filled and structure is great and good though and a nice value. If you want middle-weight convenience consider this one.

Where to buy best price Pinzon Hypoallergenic White Goose Down Comforter?

This comforter is plush and warm, ideal for a cold winter night. This is a nice performance Down comforter for the money. Certainly a great option for a queen bed as when &#made up&# the comforter hangs all around very well and comforter is comparable to the high end comforters you find at the box box stores for $300-$400.

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