Popcorn machines buying guideCinema operators have popcorn machines integrated into its power range, to sweeten the visitors the idea. A good movie should like to be served a delicious Knabberspeise that can be prepared in different flavors creations. Meanwhile, the little kitchen helpers have been able to establish in the private household. Popcorn is ideal for the occasion, because it is easy to make and an aromatic enjoyment guaranteed. And should the voltage during the screening almost soar, their own popcorn machine guarantees the viewer a permanent supply.

Dried corn popcorn

Although there are different types of popcorn machine, the basic principle is, however, nearly identical. An exception is those models that allow a preparation of dried corn and butter. As a rule, the addition of the butter can be omitted, since only high temperatures generated by the engine are sufficient for the bursting of the corn kernels. Some popcorn maker comes from the factory with its own container, so that the individual grains land directly in the shell after the burst. Is the popcorn machine is not rigged with an additional collection container; the consumer may alternatively rely on a standard shell. Subsequently, the produced nibble with sugar, salt or hot spices can be garnished. Anyone interested in buying such a household interested, should note product-specific features that are helpful in choosing the right machine.

Popcorn machines should be permanently monitored

popcorn machine is special not only for adults but also for children. When turning the small grains of corn in delicious popcorn, they create a lively pop. In the preparation using a popcorn machine at the same time spread a fragrant scent. Above all, the curiosity of the children should be constantly monitored when working with such a kitchen device. High temperatures are necessary for the preparation of popcorn, so that the individual grains can burst. During the working process, the hands should not get into the inside of the machine. Popcorn machines are hand-friendly to use, although a certain minimum level of protection should be ensured. Children should use such financial assistance solely under the supervision of parents. The children’s eyes will shine all the greater if the tasty popcorn was made.

Practical benefits that brings with popcorn machine

Popcorn machines sweeten every movie night within a few moments. Compared to the popcorn that is served in the cinema, the own production is not only cost effective, but can be prepared individually taste. The operation is simple, independent of the choice of the favored model. When butter is needed for the production, consumers should rely on special popcorn oil to achieve optimal taste experience. A machine of this kind should therefore receive a permanent place not only in the home of movie friends. Special Popcorn sugar or commercial salt are ideal basic ingredients to make the cinema next door competition.

The different machines for the house enjoyment

Many consumers are wondering which popcorn machine is suitable for home use. The various models differ both in operation and in appearance from each other. The range includes classic beginner variants to regular professional machines. It is among other things a matter of personal preference which device to buy. A first clue to the buying decision is the type and frequency of use. Who occasionally organized a family fun film, may well fall back on entry-level devices. If the machine should instead be used frequently or for large events, it is advisable to rely on the deluxe version.

The Popcorn Pot

The popcorn pot is a classic entry-level device. The pot is heated on the stove, with sugar, oil, or other desired ingredients can be added directly. During the hot butter brings the corn burst, users must turn the integrated trigger, so that the heat can evenly distribute the pot bottom. This unit counts especially in American households for typical inventory. Unlike other variants of the device in each can kitchen cabinet store, because it is small and takes up little space.
Purification after use is user-friendly, since oil and sugar cannot burn into the ground due to the rotational motion. Although these entry-level devices have to be operated manually with the delicious nibbles can forget this minor discomfort quickly. The more people are to be supplied with the generated popcorn, the greater the capacity of the pot should be. Alternatively, the manufacturing process can be repeated several times in succession. This can be cooked at the same time different flavor creations. The popcorn pot guarantees typical theater popcorn in no time.

The hot-air popcorn maker

The hot air popcorn machine is the classic variant for producing tasteful popcorn. The machine is operated by hot air; grease and oil are not required for the preparation. After 2-5 minutes, the snack can be served. The finished popcorn can be garnished following the preparation individually with fat, salt, sugar or other spices. The crude product is low in calories, so that especially diabetics or diet-conscious people to benefit from the production.
Compared to other models, the machines generate short-term noise, which can be compared with the commissioning of a hair dryer. A disruptive harassment is due to the short working hours but practically impossible. The units develop high temperatures during the work phase. Before cleaning the equipment should start to cool down. The high temperatures have the advantage that the popcorn warm and fresh for a long time remains in arrears. Since no oil or sugar is needed for the production, no residues may remain inside the product. This makes cleaning the popcorn machine.

The UFO popcorn

The UFO popcorn popper makes up to its name. It is reminiscent of a futuristic egg cooker. In contrast to the popcorn pot or hot air popcorn machine this unit is larger and is accordingly larger amounts of popcorn here. Stylish is especially the appearance of the machine. The upper shell can be used after production and serving bowl. The corn was without additives such as, for example, oil or sugar, are introduced into the machine, since otherwise they might face technical damage. After processing preferred additives can be stirred easily, the machine is ideal to offer different flavors simultaneously.

The professional popcorn machine

The professional popcorn machine, which is also referred to as theater popcorn machine is a real highlight in home popcorn production. Once the device is plugged in, the pot, which is located inside the machine, heated. After production was completed, the popcorn can be warmed permanently on the heated bottom plate. The snack tastes even after a few hours yet pleasantly fresh.
The interior of the professional model is surrounded by four Plexiglas windows, a lid and bottom. Visually and technically reminds the device to the machines that are used in the movies. On the side of thin air slots are mounted on the fragrant aroma can distribute throughout the room. Once the popcorn was completed, the machine can be opened at the front side in order to fill the popcorn in the bowl. This option is ideal for consumers who want large quantities of popcorn and prefer an original appearance.


With a new popcorn machine treat you and your family and friends a special experience. The preparation is easy and the results can certainly compete with the typical movie-popcorn. After production, the popcorn can be made according to personal preferences. With its machine, consumers can produce individual and creative flavors. Surprise yourself and your loved ones with both classic and unusual recipes. For large events, but also for the domestic movie enjoyment, the personal popcorn machine is a good investment that guarantees a lot of fun and delicious nibbles.