RAM Mount Universal X-Grip Cell Phone Holder is great performance product from RAM MOUNT when teamed with the ram suction base mount. This work with best result and holds steady at 9000′ above the earth and a good mount solution whether it’s in a car, on a motorcycle, or even a quad bike. This is the most well-performing phone holster you’re able to get and the arms are spring-gripped and it is simple to drop your phone in and from the holder. The manufacturer states that this item is well-performing and the rubber pieces that hold your product in place can without difficulty slide off. It was not difficult to rectify by sliding the phone up a small bit.

It is impressive how well it secures it and outstanding iphone mount that can work with any comparable product. This give a good performance attached to the 4×4 gear shift and allows full operational features of all the buttons while inner the cradle. The way it fits many various devices is good and simple to change portrait to landscape. It is outstanding when dealing with several handheld devices used at several times.

Ram Mount Cradle Holder for Universal X-Grip Cellphone/iPhone with 1-Inch Ball – Non-Retail Packaging – Black

Cheap Ram Mount Cradle Holder for Universal X-Grip Cellphone/iPhone with 1-Inch Ball - Non-Retail Packaging - Black

Easy to use

This cradle holds all of them securely and is very not difficult to use. Able to adjust and simple to use and not difficult to setup and not messy to use. This is something that could be simply fixed with more suitable engineering. As for the phone holder itself, it’s easily outstanding.

Why this RAM MOUNT RAM-HOL-UN7BU is popular?

RAM Mount Universal X-Grip Cell Phone Holder is well product and it holds just about anything. Thanks to the ram system, mounting the cradle takes seconds and really mounting the phone even faster. All of it from ram is well performance including this. Though it can fall out according to your vents and braking speed and the flexible grip style accommodates several devices making it one multipurpose grip. The springs hold securly and the rubber balls and the metal clamping mechanisms are amazingly solid and work with great performance to hold the phone in place even in rough conditions. This is not difficult to use and good holding power and the phone is in an otterbox case and the holder grips it simply and securely.

This mount work with good performance with smartphones or a typical gps device and a typical ram product; it’s relatively inexpensive, not messy to use, not difficult to adjust and it works as promised. Hold an iphone 4 nice. Ram products are good design and do the job and great and solidly fixed to the bike. This holder is good design and well designed. As with other ram products, this is ruggedly built and work with nice result effectively and simple in/out and has even managed to survive a few wipeouts.

Where to buy best price Ram Mount Cradle Holder for Universal X-Grip Cellphone/iPhone?


RAM Mount Universal X-Grip Cell Phone Holder work with best result for holding your phone in place on a boat. Steady and not difficult to use phone mount for galaxy s4. The ram mount system allows your phone/gadget to be configured for the most effective viewing point for the ride and a firm grip well enough for motorcycle, lawn tracktor, bicycle, car, anything.