This item came incisively as it looks, worked and was well over all. This charger is well one where it is possible to personal use and in your vehicle and works just as well the original charger. This cord is nice charger with a good long cord and nice replacement or extra cord to have. This Samsung ETA0U60JBE + APCBU10BBE is nice to have several of these around and charger works nice and is nice the doble use as an usb conection too. This product is awesome to have a usb cable separate then being able to hook it on the electric plug and worked good seem it is original equipment.

It is great condition; like brand new from factory and the cable is a full usb cable was a good plus. The plug that goes into the wall comes unplugged comfortably and the greatest thing about it is that it’s an express charging. It is certainly a knock off, despite saying samsung on it and particularly slow. It is great quality product from Samsung with rapid deliand accurately as described inside the photo.

Samsung Micro OEM Home Charger – Non-Retail Packaging – Black

Cheap Samsung Micro OEM Home Charger - Non-Retail Packaging - Black
A snug fit on each end allows simple charging.

What’s about performance of this Samsung ETA0U60JBE + APCBU10BBE?

This cord is short and it charges quite slow. Have been using for a while now and still works well. Charger works good on samsung galaxy gt-i9full charge under 2 hours. Arrived fairly speedy and charged speedy until it died 3 mo when finished purchase. Cord could be longer. You might want to spend a tiny more and get a superior performance charger and a good size to bring around, it just goes in and out smoothly. It’s extremely durable and is still holding solid and the plug folds flat and it’s usually highest quality to have an extra charger on hand.

Used as an office spare and item performs as expected and is well performance. The charger seem the original charger and it appears to be to work exceptional. Name brand and work with best performance with your phone and the length of the cable is really short. The cord is pretty short and is inconvenient for use. Wanted the reliability and performance of samsung. Almost identical as original oem and working as expected : speedy recharges and small space occupied.

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Samsung ETA0U60JBE + APCBU10BBE Micro OEM Home Charger work with nice quality as a replacement for samsung galaxy iii. Exact oem samsung product.good for any application and work with good quality for charging and downloading details. This charger is awesome not messy to use charger designed for 110 outlet or usb connection in vehicle and nice back up charger for on the go. This is a well bargain for usb charging and syncing and a well charger for any electronics that use micro-usb.