This unit came speedy inner the mail and was ridiculously not difficult to install. This adapter work with best performance going from digital to analog and well product at an wonderful value. The adapter has worked beautifully with 2 several spdif devices and works beautifully and it is durably built. The digital optical coax to analog is wonderfull work with great performance and makes digital out into rca – best performance product from Portta. The audio performance is nice and it is not difficult to install.

The rest of the time it comes with give a good result and did require an external power source which was included. This unit is definitely recommended for anybody that is considering it and an solution to buying new headphones for the new xbox one. This converter is simple put together set up put together set up blah blah blah and awesome to have an info sheet on setup. It’s a well thing to have when you’re in between upgrading your home stereo install.

Portta PETDTAP Digital Coax and Optical Toslink to Analog Audio Converter

Cheap Portta PETDTAP Digital Coax and Optical Toslink to Analog Audio Converter

Easy to handle

SANOXY® is a uncomplicated product that works beautifully. Really uncomplicated that anybody can connect with out using a guide book and thing give a great result easily and reliably. This adapter does just what it needs to do and was simple to setup and not difficult to use and work with good result.

Performance of this adapter

SANOXY® is awesome and easy to use item, just plug and play. Changed out prompty with a properly working orei da21 optical spdif/coaxial digital to rca l/r analog audio converter. Has a led blue power light, two audio input selections and is inexpensive. Audio signals an old fashion analog audio output is as nice as it gets and it’s cheap and well-performing and one is metal and has a tough feel to it. The power adapter that consist of this has a short cable and a glowing green light. Robust and tough in all ways and simple to setup and works as described.

This unit worked and continues to provide a best result and cost a fraction of comparable products and was easy to install. This adapter was not difficult to put together and worked fantastic and easy and inexpensive converter works good. Its well to know it consist of a small power adapter you’ll require a spare plug. Product work with good quality as long as the source attached to it is active.

Where to buy cheapest price Portta PETDTAP Digital Coax and Optical Toslink to Analog Audio Converter?


SANOXY® give a nice performance for audio from rokus, dvd or blue-ray players and other set top boxes. This adapter work with good performance for connecting new 4k tv to older stereo system with optical audio toslink cable and work with good performance with apple tv to covert for analog. This converter provide a great performance for adapting to old analog audio input surround sound systems and nice quality product from Portta for someone with a newer tv that dosent have old design outputs.