PlayStation 3 3D Glasses

Cheap PlayStation 3 3D Glasses

PlayStation 3 3D Glasses was simpler to know your vehicles point in relation to the track walls and other racers. This playstation glasses is pretty depth to the picture and great in correcting the 3d ghosting and has nothing else to say about a nice result product from Sony. This product give a great performance on seperating the players in simulview mode and nice choice to the high-priced glasses. The playstation 3 glasses were about a 3rd of the price and work correctly and the money it is the most effective 3d glasses. The nose bridge is hard making them uncomfortable to wear.

This Sony 98079 consist of a awesome pouch to hold them and a sony brand product its performance is top notch. The nose piece doesnt usually fit comfortably for everyone and the second player viewing mode is a great idea. The xpand uses an simple to get inexpensive battery and has a well able to adjust rubber nose mechanism that is not difficult to adjust. It’s easiest to do them one at a time.


  • Built-in rechargeable batteries let you play up to 30 hours without interruption
  • Best-in-class active 3D quality delivers full HD playback without the resolution loss of passive 3D
  • Optimized to sync seamlessly with the PlayStation 3D Display
  • Fully immersive vision universally compatible with ACTIVE 3D TVs and exclusively supports SimulView technology
  • Lightweight, stylish design allows you to focus on the game with maximum comfort. Minimizes 3D crosstalk and reduces “ghosting” effects