Seville Classics UltraZinc 5-Shelf NSF Wire Shelving Rack is certainly able to adjust, you are able to put the shelves at any height. This rack is good design go together without difficulty and the threaded porion is obviously off angle, it is not difficult to spot. This product is highest quality to have two people working on it and not difficult to assemble and manuavers great. This item is valuable to have a rubber mallet.

This rack is easily chromed over cheap metal and durable with lots a safe-keeping space. It causes it to be less difficult to maintain all of it available at arms reach and simple to install too.


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Each shelf holds up to 600 pounds (on leveling feet); 500 pounds per system (on wheels); 10-Year Limited Warranty; Easy assembly with no tools required; Wire shelves adjustable in 1-inch increments; no tools required; Includes 5 shelves -18 x 36 inches; adjustable leveling feet; 3 inch locking wheels; Finish: Commercial strength Zinc-plated steel / NSF certified; Measures 36x18x72 inches (LxWxH) ; 75 inches high on wheels;

Simple to assemble, good design and looks nice. While one person can assemble them, it is less complicated with two people. Love the casters – simple to move about.

What’s benefit of this Seville Classics rack?


Seville Classics UltraZinc 5-Shelf NSF Wire Shelving Rack was convenient to assemble and quite strong. This rack is nice and worked as stated and sturdy. Good for box safe-keeping off the ground and consist of wheels and legs, the user can choose whichever is more appropriate. This product works as designed and is a real durable style and simple to assemble as someone else has said,impressive when done. These shelves are durable and sturdy, made from performance materials and nice solution to free up space and get organized. This item is useful to have someone assist you.

You’ll be able to roll the rack outside and soap it down, spray it off and your great and good look good and store a good deal andyou’ll be able to see what is on shelves. This rack is convenient storing device, not difficult to assemble. Wheels make it beneficial and simple to move and looks reasonably great, and with the wheels removed, can support many weight. It’s food safe and simple to clean and not difficult to assemble and work with best performance. Shelves roll conveniently and are quite steady.

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Seville Classics UltraZinc 5-Shelf NSF Wire Shelving Rack is nice for basements when additional off-the-floor safe-keeping is required. This rack is good for stacking akro mills 33164 and 33166 bins and highest quality shelving around for the money. This product is good shelf device specifically for garage.

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