It’s not always easy to find out which approach is actually the right when listening to music now. Obviously it’s ultimately not just about your desires. If this were the case, some real fan would probably still tear up the stereo in the middle of the night to the limit, because the sound is now only once at this moment has a certain something. In reality, the situation behaves different, because you need to take as a listener on the environment into consideration. And this applies not only when you are traveling on bus and train to reach the resort or workplace. To the same degree you will hardly ever bring home the speakers of your home theater or sound system up to the maximum. The partner, your children or especially the neighborhood would like to thank the Ernst case, probably for the nightly entertainment. In all these mentioned moments of headphones is the better choice to enjoy undisturbed and without bothering other people.

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Complete speaker systems than saving opportunity

The search queries at confirm that the mind game “speakers or headphones” not only in the moments mentioned so far makes sense. Even the sound as such is relevant if you have certain idea of ​​how you want to retrieve music, movie sound or audio books acoustically. Maybe you love it just to hear via wireless headphone or wireless sound without speakers. Or are you one of those people who love definitely the right pressure of the current Dolby Surround systems. Your preference at this point is largely matter if you have to consider whether speakers make the race compared with headphones. Because for little money you get in the trade while they have been full Dolby systems including multiple matching speakers. In the Headphones test, you will quickly have to spend a lot for really good Dolby-compatible headphones especially for the quality brands.

Not only there is wireless headphones

In any case, many consumers forget that the developers not only in headphones enormous technical improvements made in recent years. Technologies such as radio and Bluetooth have also been introduced in speakers for years ago. And even wireless speakers there are today, so that you can listen to music in every room with a sufficiently large range may, without you want to install a wind turbine or docking station for your MP3 player everywhere. DJs and musicians, who want to record their own creative products, cannot help basically to buy both high-quality speakers and headphones. To listen to the results of studio speakers are perfect. In the recording process headphones are ideal on the one hand because of the good background noise shielding to keep you fully concentrate on the music. On the other hand, speaker sounds would be included when you want to hear along with what you’re taking. And also threatening feedback paths can be avoided.

Speakers to contribute to the furnishing

But for celebrations speakers are the first choice without question. Just said, wired and wireless models that you provide your guests everywhere music. So, not all persons are in one room and you will save yourself the expensive laying of cables. This aspect is already a distinct advantage of the wireless speaker or bluetooth speaker products of today. For long cables are not only potential stumbling blocks. They also look ugly if they cannot be passed behind baseboards or walls. For harmonious living design is about the comparison about that speakers usually can be classified as an accessory rather than headphones. Stylish coordinated to the interior, speakers are the proverbial point on the headphones, and however, can certainly look classy and elegant. But bottom line is you are most people, even the size due to a typical commodity.

Small speakers with plenty of power

With the aspect of the size of this juxtaposition of speakers and headphones gradually comes to an end. In qualitative terms, the dimensions do not play longer necessarily a central role. Brand manufacturers to prove with their latest high-tech wonders in the test loudspeakers that even small devices achieve remarkable sound results. What this appears favorable and what is not, you decide with your own idea of ​​what may cost speakers.

A clear statement as to whether speakers are better than headphones, is also largely in your personal discretion. The following points are to put together but will help you learn to make the best decision:

Speaker vs. Headphones – a question of environment and claims:

  • understand speakers as the device aspect for the House → headphones despite good design rather object with a pragmatic component;
  • a variety of speaker options allow perfect matching of the interior;
  • already cheap and small speaker can bring in your own four walls decent sound;
  • The products are used only for music or as Cinema-Extra?
  • Speaker with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi permit convenient rearranging the furnishings;
  • Application determines whether speakers or headphones represent the best buy.


Whether speakers or headphones – not always the consideration about the pros and cons is very easy to answer. At the end of the individual balance, you may even come to the conclusion that the “both … and …” is in your case after comparing the reviews, the correct answer to the question!