How to find the best t-shirtHow to find the best t-shirt

It should be in every wardrobe because it is one of the essential basics for men and women: the T-shirt. Originally conceived as an undershirt, at least on warm days it is now used often as a stylish top and has long been recognized as a full garment. Buying of T-shirts there is a lot to consider: In addition to the quality, especially fit, comfort, style and last but not least the price should be right.

Before buying decision

To avoid disappointment when buying a T-shirt, the purpose of the new garment should be clear in advance. Is it to serve as a fashionable upper part? Or have functional properties for use in sports? This buying guide contains many important supports around the purchase of T-shirts for men and women.

Buy Cheap is expensive bought

Who buys Cheap T-shirts, will most likely regret buying. See the new tops for the first tightening yet appealing, the result of the first wash will be speaking a different language. Apart from low-quality materials that easily go out of shape, especially the inevitably poorly made seams are a problem that is quickly apparent. Another disadvantage of the use of toxic colorant is added, which can cause allergies for the wearer and also wash out quickly.

T-Shirts – What material should consist of?

For the production of T-Shirts, different materials are used, which are characterized by different properties. A popular classic is the cotton T-shirt, the material is a natural and renewable resource. However, combination of cotton and polyester or industrially produced micro-fibers like Meryl serve as starting materials for nice T-shirts. If you prefer a high-quality, might opt ​​for a model with admixture of hemp, which remains long shapely and durable. Some common materials are:




Cotton natural material, good moisture absorption, high quality printable Not always given form stability even at high-quality cotton T-shirts
Hemp very durable and resistant, high quality and sustainable relatively expensive since not available in unlimited quantities
Viscose made from natural cellulose, properties similar to cotton, soft flowing Occurrence of pollutants in the (chemical) production process


Modal Super soft and dimensionally stable, can withstand frequent washing, made of natural beech cellulose in chemical production fall to pollutants


Polyester light, cool, stable feels too cold in winter on the skin
Meryl micro-fiber breathable, shape-retaining, fast drying, good for sports clothing suitable offers UV protection, long life limited recycling options
Nylon allows fashionable gloss effects, with the addition of very stretchy spandex little breathable fabric, poorly recyclable


Spandex (Lycra) used only as an admixture, provides elasticity, dimensional stability and perfect fit synthetic production requires high energy expenditure


8 Reasons to wear a T-shirt

  1. Who in everyday life prefers a simple style, like to opt for the combination of jeans and T-shirt. Simple, monochrome models of cotton are characterized by uncomplicated care.
  2. T-shirts are ideal for heavy physical work, since they prevent excessive perspiration and ensure freedom of movement. Here it is worthwhile to put on a heat resistant cotton quality that enables cleanliness and hygiene.
  3. Friends of casual styles like put on t-shirts with subtle fashionable elements such as embroidery or small unobtrusive patterning. So, the designs can combine well with other basics such as sweaters or jackets. For the perfect fit, it is recommended to choose a model with spandex admixture.
  4. For sportive contemporaries there are models made of micro-fiber, which are very breathable. So it does not come to an unhealthy body cooling even under heavy perspiration.
  5. Politically active people put like on the T-shirt as a carrier of their message. So they show their attitude to life on a cool piece of clothing.
  6. Whoever wants to contribute to its star choose for a fan’s T-shirt. Particularly enthusiastic supporters wearing Fan T-Shirts for any occasion: at the concert as well as in leisure time or even for sleeping.
  7. With T-shirts can be set particularly stylish fashion accents. For this, recommend form-fitting variants of nylon or lycra, quality models made of hemp or even simple cotton T-shirts, printed with fanciful patterns or decorated with embroidery, beads and applications.
  8. Oversized XXL models are often used as a transparent nightgown. A quality natural fiber provides good moisture absorption and a pleasant feeling on the skin.

Buy T-shirts for Women

Thanks to a variety of fashion trends, the selection is stylish T-shirts for women on enormous. If you already know which t-shirt will be there, will find solid color T-shirtslong sleeve t-shirts or polo shirts.

Find T-Shirts for Men

Even men have no problems on to discover their desired T-shirt. Whether short or long sleeves, classic or from micro-fiber, the large assortment offers the right t-shirt for any request.

To find the right size

Depending on the interface, designers and style the sizes of T-shirts can be slightly different. In casual cuts, it is usually sufficient to participate in the standard sizes XS, S, M, L or XL (ladies) or S, M, L, XL or XXL to orient (men). If the T-shirt sit skin tight and emphasize the silhouette ideal, it is worthwhile to stick to the German standard dimensions. Special size systems, such as American, Italian, French or English confection table should not be confused with each other and are easy to search for supplies online.

Women’s sizes

Men’s sizes

DE 32-34 36-38 40-42 44-46 48-50 44-46 48-50 52-54 56-58 60-62  

T-Shirts – shapes, cuts and designs

From the normal, straight-cut shape with short sleeves and a round neck starting, there are t-shirts in many different versions, for example, as a classic polo shirt with the typical elegant collar when asymmetric cut, striking eye-catcher, in figure-hugging cuts, in long and short forms. Many designers from many countries realize again and again with new ideas that inspire the fashion world.

The “Fascination T-Shirt” is the large variability of the basic form, which is by the selection of each matching material as solid clothing for craftsmen as well as. Than fashionable ladies top with a cheeky or erotic flair A wide collar dramatic effects, a ruche form of soft flowing viscose gently plays around the body: the possibilities of T-shirts are no limits.

Quality before quantity

Cotton is not the same as cotton. The skin-friendly natural material can be processed into many different fabric qualities. Cheap cotton for ultra-economical Shirts usually has a weight of not more than 400 g / sqm. The relatively thin material is not very stable and has significant wear after the first washes on. If you see the product description information on the material quality of cotton, then you should be based on a value of at least 500 g / sqm, better yet 600 g / square meter, if you want a heavy quality, which remains in great shape and even in winter can be worn as a warming vest. It is worthwhile to pay a slightly higher price for this, because in such a t-shirt has its carrier often years of pleasure.