The 10 most important points when buying a deep fryerSome dishes have to be fried to develop its typical taste fully. If you want to enjoy this not only in the restaurant, but also in everyday life cannot do without it, it is recommended to fry at home. So you can buy a deep fryer, which are the personal needs. One should weigh the fryer fits to oneself and one’s own life circumstances and compare different products. In the category of small appliances kitchen there is a large selection of kitchen appliances, including fryers count. So the right fryer in your kitchen next to the food processor queuing.

Note the important things and select for the right deep fryer

Hot air fryers for gentle cooking

Hot air fryers work without fat, so the gentle cooking healthy food is allowed. The food is circulated in the fryer and only cooked by hot air. So the fries up on our plates without health must cut back or one on fries from the oven would have to fall back on. If you want it completely healthy, potatoes can also even with a slicer to handle fries. However, you should note that the taste of the classic fried foods differs slightly. The potato plays a role here – try it out!

Rotating baskets full of tasty

The equally healthy alternative to a hot air fryer is a deep fryer with a rotating basket. Such as technically sophisticated equipment to ensure that the full flavor develops through the frying process. The fried food is relatively short, and the fat in touch and does not suck so too with this fully.

The appropriate size of the fryer

Of course, a large family requires a fryer with a higher capacity than a single household. Thus, it is important to find the size that fits into a self and his household. Common household fryers have a capacity of about 2.1 to 3 liters. The capacity of fried food can be in the ratio 10: 1 easy to calculate. Even single households may well benefit from a large fryer, as guests should be considered. If you want to still choose for a small fryer is easy find, because it is fryers with a very low capacity of only one liter.

Two is sometimes better

If you want to cook a lot of fried and large quantities, you can choose for a double-fryer. This offers the possibility of two baskets let down simultaneously in the fat and fry larger portions of a food or to cook two different products simultaneously. If it is then too deep fry less once the basket of double-fryer can be left unused.

The safety aspect of a deep fryer

If there are children in the household, the security aspect still plays a big role. In a deep fryer in particular the thermal insulation is critical. If the fryer is touched from the outside, in a well-insulated fryer little heat development is noticeable. This is not only crucial for a household with children, and you can even inadvertently come into contact with the fryer. A finely adjustable thermostat for temperature setting is also important because the desired temperature can be precisely adjusted and estimated. Fryers that have a mechanism that allows the basket with the fried after closing the lid lower into the hot fat provide additional security.

The cleaning aspect of a deep fryer

If a change of the frying fat is present, the fryer should be cleaned thoroughly. A removable lid is enormously helpful, because all the important parts are in the interior of the fryer easy to reach and can be effectively cleaned. In addition, many products have a non-stick coating, which also facilitates the cleaning enormously. Thus, the fat will not only light, but also food particles that remain on the inside, not adhere to the inner container. Removable containers also make cleaning much.

The advantages of a fatty indulgence of the fryer

A fat drain allows the practical draining the fat through a tube. Usually the oil can be filtered at the same time, so that food residues are discarded. In this way, the oil is temporarily filtered and can then be reused. This is not only healthier, but also reduces the odor.

Low odor fry with carbon filter

The smell of it can come during frying, one of the more unpleasant side effects. Fryers with a carbon filter counteract the odor by the carbon fibers bind and hold the odor produced. It should be noted that the carbon filter should be replaced after about 80 applications. A cold zone at the bottom of a deep fryer ensures that not burn through the basket falling food residues. Thus cannot arise unpleasant odor and taste of the oil is not impacted.

User-friendliness of the fryer

Fast food has long been no single cause of the local fast food restaurants, because not only fries from their own deep fryer, but also hot dogs from the hot dog maker , pizza from the local pizza oven , popcorn from the personal popcorn machine are no longer a rarity. As you can prepare these dishes at home itself, the necessary devices in the best case are very user-friendly. Also fryers offer a variety of settings that allow a set exactly what and how to be fried. Who much fried and especially different foods should make sure that the appropriate adjustments can be made ​​quickly and easily. Many models offer the ability to select what is to be fried. Because of the classic fries, there are many other delicacies that can be cooked in a deep fryer. In addition to meat products such as chicken nuggets or schnitzel include mushrooms, cauliflower and baked goods such as donuts or donuts.

The temperature setting of a deep fryer

The temperature of the fat can be crucial for the desired result. Many equipment exceeds the 200-degree mark clearly. Higher temperatures have the advantage that the food is cooked faster. In addition, breading or pastries not suck too hard with fat sense if shorter fried at a high temperature.

Also fryers with a low maximum temperature have their advantages

On the other hand, you should be aware that increased Acryl amide is formed at very high temperatures, which is not conducive to health. Temperatures up to 170 degrees are sufficient and friendly to health. Special models that work with vacuum frying at low temperatures and at the same time allow faster cooking time.

In the stress fry accurately

Deep-frying is easy and fast. So you can also times when not much time for cooking is left quickly enter something into the fryer. However, one should not miss the point at which the fried food is ready you. A timer helps here is to have the exact date in mind: Most timers generate an audible signal when the time is reached when the fryer off simultaneously, so that is not fried. Thus, you can specify the exact point where you want to stop the fryer and the food reaches the desired cooking point.

Fryers with viewing window

Some models are equipped with a viewing window that allows one a view of the device to throw and to assess whether the food must still continue to cook or is already finished. This can be quite handy, especially if you cannot estimate without a visual check whether the selected time and temperature is sufficient or not. However, it must also be noted that the window due to the high heat generated often shod, what one can ultimately deny the view of the interior of the fryer. In addition, a viewing window in some cases represents a weak point of the insulation, which is a security risk under certain circumstances. If you therefore important to have a clear view of the fried food, you should be limited to models that do not fog up the window.

The performance of the fryer can be crucial

The more watts, the fryer, so higher temperatures can reach them and the faster they can heat the fat again when frozen is placed in the device. Even if one would like frying at a lower temperature, a high wattage can be useful.


On, there is a large selection of fryers that are different demands. In selecting the appropriate fryer especially the different properties with respect, the safety aspect, the cleaning plays a role.

Fryers can also be purchased in a product bundle. This is a major product, which is supplied together with an accessory.

Basically, the quality of the fryer is relevant; for those who choose a model that suits their personal requirements, has later not only delight in the delicacies, but also on the fryer itself.