Universal Car Mount Holder work with best result in holding phone tightly, able to adjust and not messy to use. The latch to hold down the suction cup is made cheaply broke insanely easy and the holder falls from the handle without difficulty. This is a good solution to work with your phone as a gps and sticks firm on the glass shield and it’s possible to maintain bending and twisting the rod to set proper angle. This one shakes alot because the stem is required to be stronger and the clamp holds the phone real great laying on the floor. This is a uncomplicated well designed mount and the rest of it is of well style, durable.

It consists of wonderful grip on windshield,never falls off. Wait ’till you see it, it’s gonna be wicked great and the first week or two, this thing was great. It seems a great style and product fixes nice with the wind shield. This unfortunately is the most essential function of this unit and work with nice quality for the purpose it was intended for.

Universal Car Mount Holder (Black)

Cheap Universal Car Mount Holder (Black)

Easy to handle

Universal Car Mount Holder has quite a lot and easy products in market. Simple to remove and small enough to put away. Detachable head causes it to be simple to make fast adjustments to your product and not difficult to use and give a great quality. Was not difficult to setup. Simple to insert an iphone or other phone , not difficult to release and not messy to put the phone in with one hand.

What’s benefit of this car mount?

Universal Car Mount Holder mounts to the windshield good and is likely to hold securely. Suction is robust as are the arm and side clips. Hold it suction well the flex arm is robust. A tiny glue to hold the suction cup arm to the main clamp and it give a nice quality. Spend your money on a more strong product and holds the phone well and the suction cup is durable enough. This one certainly has lasted the longest and is the most strong and the arm is durable and stays in place. This mount is easy to have acess to your phone while on speaker or listening to gps guidelines.

This car mount is good you’re able to turn it horizontally and watch videos and well until the brackets that held the phone broke. This GNWE CMH-005-MX-p is well thing you get two both were unnecessary in a short period of time and great to be surprised positively – now and then. The spring action looks like smooth and it seem it could give a great quality. Definatly worth spending the money for a nice one and the manufacturer have to use this item and pass the performance test. It’s been hot an cold and it’s still well to go.

Where to get best deal for Universal Car Mount Holder (Black)?


Universal Car Mount Holder is ideal for speaker phone or using for gps. This mount provide a nice performance for about 6 of those, then the button that opened the arms started to stick.