Universal Dashboard Mount (Compatible with All GPS Brands)Universal Dashboard Mount keeps gps steady with no having to attach to the windshield. And works as inform and its transportable between vehicles. The dashboard mount is great, good design and sturdy and the dashboard mount give a good performance, want fall off. This mount works great and is sturdy on the dashboard and not difficult to push back into place. This product offers a steady platform for mounting the gps suction cup and much superior that the previous mounting system.

Universal Dashboard Mount (Compatible with All GPS Brands)

Cheap Universal Dashboard Mount (Compatible with All GPS Brands)
Universal Dashboard Mount work with nice quality on any dashboard, stays in place and comfortably visible. Enough weight to preserve it in place and is conveniently moved to put from sight when parked. When finished with it, it is without difficulty removed and stored from sight.

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Universal Dashboard Mount (Compatible with All GPS Brands)

Universal Dashboard Mount stays in place beautifully and keeps the gps in place. A nice unit and now provide a great quality well. Using this mount is making a trade of comfort for some measure of safety. Mount is beautiful heavy and has a awesome non-slip bottom cover and the dashboard mount is long-standing, secure and unobtrusive. This mount is well constructed, stays put on the dash.

Robust style keeps product long-standing blends in with vehicle interior and simple moved to hide while in stops and reposition upon trip resumption. The underside has a textured rubber-like surface which holds well to the dashboard. Looks elsewhere for a more well-performing gps mount. Has outstanding stability on the dashboard.

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This keeps your lightweight gps within touch range and allows placement any place most convenient for you. Realy recommended for everyone searching for a great mount at a reasonable cost.