Waterproof Car Rear Vehicle Backup View Camera High-definition Cmos 170 Degree Viewing Angle E363 is not messy to set up you require some painters tape to put down before you drill. This is a great clean camera and work with great result camera work with great result with screen and not difficult to mount and setup. The monitor contrast turns yellow for superior viewing and simple set up camera is not difficult to adjust for several mounting needs crisp clear picture. It is great image performance, great performance product from Etekcity performance,and give a good quality plus the built-in guideline it’s useful.

It is fantastic user recommended sensational product as described and the resolution on this device is fantastic even on a small monitor. The one looking over the rear differential is still work with best quality resolution, handles the elements quite well. The able to adjust angle is useful in effective tuning the view.

Car Rear Vehicle Backup View Camera (Waterproof)

Cheap Car Rear Vehicle Backup View Camera (Waterproof)
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Easy to use

Waterproof Car Rear Vehicle Backup View Camera High-definition Cmos 170 Degree Viewing Angle E363 is simple to mount and the cables were the same as the old items. The camera is small and simple to mount and not difficult to setup and hook up. Basically a couple of uncomplicated wiring diagrams saying tap into your backup lights for power and not difficult to do a self setup also. Simple to connect to car and fairly not difficult to setup when finished reading via some forums.

What’s about performance of this camera?

Waterproof Car Rear Vehicle Backup View Camera High-definition Cmos 170 Degree Viewing Angle E363 provide a best performance and a wide field of view helps a lot. The camera appears to be pretty sturdy and has a awesome heft to it. Fine and colorful resolution and has a high sensitivity vision at night and the camera performance is nice and having the backup lines is beneficial. Wire the positive and negative to the backup lamp relay 87 for power 85 for ground. Really smart for cheap is the perfect method to describe this rear backup view camera. Outstanding wide angle lens with clear crisp video that appears nice on the screen inside the car and the picture performance is fair and the field of view is ok. This camera was an simple setup and The picture performance is stunning.

This product is convenient lines are placed at intervals for measurement and one is well and the night vision works fantastic. This Etekcity Amaz-Aut-284 was just placed in a thin styro-type pouch bag and looks durable enough with it’s stainless shell. Listing must be corrected to make field-of-view variance and expectations more realistic, useful and understood and not difficult to mount and hook up. This item is simple to set up and offers a well video and stable and well image, like the pavon finish.

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This still provide a great quality and made for a nice small cheap camera. This camera is ideal for anybody who wants to add a rear or front view camera to your vehicle. This camera work with best performance not messy to mount has great wide view long cable small good for the money and the angle provided its great for a suv and large cars.