speaker sizeThe bigger is the better – this is not necessarily to the speaker. The size does have a decisive influence on the achievable volume and also on the sound. But nowadays, it enables new technology to produce smaller speakers that are just as powerful or even more as larger models. Are the boxes too big for the room, the sound experience can even be worse. When buying speakers, one should pay particular attention to the recommendations of the manufacturer. Because he knows best, for what size room its systems are suitable.


A comparison is often difficult

Well you can compare, especially in models of different sizes from a series. If one has the choice between larger and smaller boxes of a manufacturer of a series, the basic rule is that with increasing space size, the boxes should be greater. A comparison of different models can be quite difficult, even if it is the same manufacturer. After all, the market offers nowadays for every situation a suitable solution. Among the new Bluetooth speaker are, for example, to find tiny models that can achieve the same level of bass as much larger speakers.

Large and small boxes – the classic recommendations

The following recommendations are for normal hi-fi speakers. Although nowadays there are tiny speaker with a big sound volume, the old rules for the speaker purchase on the classic hi-fi speakers or a sound system are still applicable, especially if you take the size decision within a series.

Smaller speakers also have their place, such as large boxes. In smaller rooms, smaller speakers are generally recommended, so as not to sound the room.

In larger rooms can with different speakers, a surround sound experience to be created. Small boxes provide mostly due to their lower housing volume is not enough space for large membrane. Accordingly, the volume is lower and the tones are generated less punchy. As bookshelf speaker small speakers or satellites, they are indispensable. For small membrane can react faster and fade after barely. Their sound is therefore more accurate in general. Therefore, there is a good sound system always consists of large and small speakers.

The size of the subwoofer

The subwoofer is the bass speaker. It produces the deep tones and should be particularly well adapted to the space size accordingly. The larger the body, the stronger is the bass usually. It is best to buy the subwoofer from the same series as the other speakers a sound system. You should ensure that a harmonious sound spectrum arises because all boxes are ideally matched. If you do decide to buy the subwoofer from another manufacturer, you must tune the frequency point of the boxes and subwoofer to each other. With cheap subwoofers, this is not always possible; it should therefore look for when buying.