What you should know before buying a blenderWith stand mixer many tasks easier to manage in the kitchen. Blenders are needed for the preparation of pesto, shakes and many other tasty meals. In order for the device in the best possible way can be used, however, some criteria should be considered when purchasing. In addition to high performance power value should be placed on a simple cleaning and operation and its many features.

These functions that blender should provide

In blender is a real all-purpose appliance in the kitchen. For this reason, the number of functions is particularly large, which may have such a device. For example, who sets high standards for its device, which is an infinitely prefer adjustable model. Here the user has the most control when it comes to adjust the grinding speed. Other models offer only two or more fixed levels, which may be sufficient for easy use in many households. As with all other appliances in the kitchen is also here that the particular use or purpose determines which device fits which buyer. In addition to the mixing itself as a basic function of the device control depending on the model and the chopping, stirring and beating and can be used for a variety of tasks in the kitchen.

You will also need an ice crusher

With a built-in ice crusher the functionality of a stand mixer can be greatly expanded. Especially during the warm days in summer this is a convenient feature that allows the iced drinks such as smoothies can be created. For a stand mixer can be convincingly used as ice crusher but a sufficiently powerful engine should be available. Devices with 500 watts and more bring with enough power so that the ice can be crushed quickly and reliably. When using a stand mixer should be taken to ensure that this is used only as ice crusher, if the manufacturer expressly offers this function. Otherwise there is a risk of damage or the lifetime of the device and in particular the blade is shortened. In addition, it can be destroyed in such improper use of engine.

Low volume is important for frequent use

A frequently neglected property on the purchase of stand mixers is the volume. Just who is required to do longer work in the kitchen, you will appreciate a quiet machine. The noise from a cheaper but louder engine can be substantial, which is why the buyer should inform in advance about what about the noise of the desired model. Thankfully, manufacturers offer blender with soft start to where the noise can be significantly lowered. Do not even the full power of the device are retrieved, this soft-start can be selected to operate without noise in the kitchen.

Overheating should be taken seriously

An important criterion when buying a blender is certainly the presence of overheats protection. While many cheaper devices work reliably, as long as only short mix intervals occur, the motor can be overheated quickly here at longer work. Since overheating is often synonymous with the fact that the engine is destroyed or damaged, an overheat protection should the appropriate be given importance. Many manufacturers equip their devices with this feature and apply it offensively. An overheating protection is especially important for those who want to cook for many people who want to wish you a professional use and shred particularly hard vegetables and other hard foods such as nuts and the like. In such application areas overheat protection should necessarily be present.

Splash guard and other important comfort features

One of the most important questions is, how long is needed for cleaning the kitchen when the work is finished with the mixer. Unfortunately there actually some models that inject strong and distribute the contents of the container in the area. Who wants to make sure here that there is no strong contamination of the kitchen during use, should a splash eighth. This can be configured differently depending on the model, but should ensure in each case that the food remains in the mixer.

It may also be advantageous if there is a dishwasher-proof model is. Cleaning is unfortunately always a factor that should be considered when using a blender. Who works here with sticky masses that prepared fruit and used olive oil or other viscous oils, which is difficult to clean. The better it is here, when the mixer can be simply placed in the dishwasher. Many models offer this property; the buyer should look out afterwards so easy. In dishwasher-safe devices not to be feared that rubber seals and other sensitive components dissolve and that will damage the machine.

Also interesting is a manual cable winder. This can be prevented too long cable to hang around when the equipment is put away and not used. Since this ensures order in the kitchen, is this is an important feature that should not be ignored.

These papers are available

The attachment of a mixer has a decisive influence on which food can be cooked so best. Who wants to make a pesto about working with smaller quantities and less liquid, which is why smaller essays are appropriate here. Other devices offer special attachments for the manufacture of beverages from fruit and vegetables. In these articles, the container can be filled through a special nozzle during operation. This can be in between make drinks quickly, without the mixer must first be opened and filled cumbersome.

Furthermore, to distinguish between glass and plastic articles, most high-quality equipment put on glass articles which, although heavier, but this usually have a higher durability. Plastic attachments are cheaper and easier to scratch relatively quickly.

Devices in elegant housing for professional use

Who particularly high demands on its stand mixer provides, for a device with a base made of plastic might not be sufficient. For these, higher quality models made of chromed metal housings are available, the optically already left a great impression. Such models can then also make sense for professional use and are characterized by a number of additional functions. So, these devices can be used for example for the mixture of protein shakes, vitamin drinks and appetizers. These devices are often referred to as a bartender and can be equipped with a swivel head, injection-protected switches and shakers of steel. Since the individual parts of the mixer are made of metal, they are of course also suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.

This accessory extends the possible uses: product bundle

Frequently Blenders are also available in the product bundle. Here the buyers get interesting utensils with which the functionality of kitchen appliances can be expanded quickly. For this purpose, about a bowl belong in the can edit mixed mass. Bundled with Stand mixers also offer wooden spoon, measuring spoons and many other paraphernalia. Especially with such a product bundle can save a lot of money frequently.

Advantages of Blenders against immersion blenders

When buying a mixer stand next to the stand mixers, of course, hand blenders are available. Stand Mixer in fact have some limitations that need to be considered. So be flexible stirred food with a hand blender in pots and bowls and beaten without the substance to be processed must be transferred cumbersome. Who wants to complete his collection of appliances in the kitchen, for could be an interesting addition to a stand mixer, a hand blender.


The selection of stand mixers is large and hardly manageable. It is all the more important that you set if interested in blender important criteria is that you can guide the search. In addition to the strength of the engine here are also added features such as smoothness or an effective splash of great importance. It is these features are the ones who can make the work much more pleasant with a stand mixer.