The times have changed: A single smartphone takes over the tasks of an entire music system and banished the good old alarm clock on the flea market. Your tablet becomes the game console and your notebook for the full-featured PC. Mobile devices have become real all-rounder – provided they get the opportunity to demonstrate their skills. Exactly, you need a docking station.

samsung docking station

What should you consider before buying a Samsung docking station?

Even with Samsung docking station is not the same docking station: you want to make your tablet upright in order to serve it at the table more easily, and then reaches a favorable bracket. But if you want to listen to your music on your smartphone or tablet via a speaker system, you need a sound dock. Tip: If the docking station is to be as mobile as the connected devices, think of the extra weight.

Good Posture for Smartphone and Tablet

The cheapest option a Samsung docking station is a stand made ​​of plastic or metal. Next to the bed so you can keep the clock in phone or tablet in view and the alarm can be operated easily. Quite apart from the fact that most of the small stations while charging the devices – an integrated charging function saves you the hassle of connecting cables to the current. Good for gamers: If you like and a lot on your smartphone or tablet to play is such a docking station with the wireless controller optimal. Thus, a full-fledged game console quickly and easily from your mobile companions.

Powerful sound throughout the house

Thanks to numerous online radio stations and the huge memory capacity on your smart phone or tablet today we hear only the music that we like. Do you want to play your own choice at home, is a sound station is the best choice. Because they are – depending on the price class – equipped with high quality speakers, sound for the small to medium-sized rooms good.

Most sound stations not only play your own music from, but received consistent radio stations and connect via Wi-Fi Internet radios. Extra: Samsung has launched its high-quality docking stations equipped with Bluetooth; the connection is made ​​so wirelessly.

Docking station as a multimedia control center

One for all: Samsung offers with the multimedia docking stations, a comprehensive solution for the home. With the variety of connections you can not only smartphones and tablet device, but also television or games console.
Cineastes also have every reason to rejoice. Because with the docked tablet can be produced cinematic experience on the sofa. Just connect your home cinema system through the audio jacks. Too, not bad: Due to the USB slots, external hard drives can use for memory expansion.

Notebook goes desktop

Your notebook will be transformed in a home office into a full-fledged desktop computer?
Samsung notebook docking stations with a variety of new connections are made ​​exactly for this: Use an external monitor with your laptop screen, connect your speaker system and connect an external keyboard with or without a mouse.

Good to know: Due to the extensive facilities docking stations for laptops are a bit heavy, which greatly restricts mobile use.

Found dock?

A word to the compatibility and quality, some devices do not fit in the docking stations from other manufacturers. Especially the cheap models may damage the battery or cause over-voltage damage. The safest they are therefore using the original hardware manufacturer. Also pay attention to the connection options: A smartphone has a port other than a tablet PC. Both cannot be integrated into a laptop station, because this is only for notebooks.