Xpand 3D Multibrand IR 3d Glasses single 1 pack is uncomplicate change the brand configuration, just a uncomplicated button. The cover is alot less complicated when finished you get it off the 1st time. Excellent value and convenience though and worth the minor hassle to avoid the high cost of babyy glasses. In a dim room, the picture is outstanding. These glasses are battery powered , and the battery is a common size, so buying replacements will be simple. The battery is a cr2032 which is rated for 100 hours which is excellent for 30 hours on a 2-hour charge). When you sync these glasses the picture is impressive. Only 4 stars because this device is a universal fit product and fits a tiny funky. The xpand come with 3 nose pieces, so you should be able to find one that fits about correct.

Xpand 3D Multibrand IR 3d Glasses single 1 pack

Cheap Xpand 3D Multibrand IR 3d Glasses single 1 pack

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Changing the settings is described accurately in the documentation, and this device is simple to see what setting you’re testing. The lenses themselves are on the greater size, which is great, since the smaller the lenses, the more responsive your experience is to how your head is tilted. The x103’s are beautiful light and fit comfortably. The xpand uses an not difficult to get inexpensive battery. Find the correct match and the glasses work with good result. These do a excellent job of staying synced, dissimilar to the cheaper brand which would go in and from sync. The reliable temples block most side light, and the ir range is awesome. Use – turning on is as uncomplicated as pushing the power button. Looking back at the tv, the signal comes back shortly.

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Although your tv is listed on their website as compatible w/their glasses, that could be entirely and certainly inaccurate. The 3d performance looked impressive depth-wise, and colors looked great. The xpand glasses were same to the playstation glasses with crosstalk performance. Just played hours of call of duty black ops in 3d and it looked excellent. These are a fantastic option to the more pricey glasses that are brand specific. Hope its this review is useful for customers that have the new panasonic 3d projector. None of them can compare with xpand which is lighter and more suitable to wear. Really looks like the highest quality alternative for universal glasses, since xtend looks to be the manufacturer of most of the tv oem glasses. Turning these glasses on/off is simple with a button along the left temple area.

Xpand 3D Multibrand IR 3d Glasses single 1 pack Features

  • The fastest shuttering speed eliminating headaches, fatigue, and eyestrain
  • Multibrand IR 3D Glasses – works with all active IR 3D TVs
  • Wide 3D viewing angle for multiple viewers/players
  • Full 1080 3D resolution to both eyes
  • High transmission ratio for bright images